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    No, I don't have a problem with KPM, but wondered if anyone knows the score on the various issues. I've got two copies of The Brazilian Suite, both having different backs and labels. I've got other kpms that have both types of layouts but they're all different titles. It did remind me of the varying Clarke-Boland KPM issues I've had, but never known it since.

    They have the same stamper marks in run out but presumably they were issued at different times?

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    This "issue" was raised by myself in a recent thread about library originals...

    "I've always been semi-interested in what constitutes an "original" library album. Any other collecting scene would insist on a 1st press - but plenty of titles, KPM for example, obviously pressed several runs over the years. My "Soul Organ Showcase" comes in the "clapperboard" sleeve, with the cool 3 colour label. So obviously the plain green sleeve must be a second edition. De Wolfes have different labels too...

    Does anybody else know or even care? I doubt it..."

    I would say your copy on the left is certainly the earlier issue (that layout was used on the "clapperboard" cover KPMs I alluded to...) and obviously the labels with the beige text match that. But, as mentioned, you never really see anyone offering "original UK 1st press" libraries, people seem happy to just get them full stop.
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      I'm unsure whether these were issued at different times to each other. And I'll have to lay my hands on them to confirm that they were printed in different places.
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        The upper record looks like it was made with letterpress print maybe both . You should be able to feel a slight imprint. Maybe just a technical solution to get the sleeves done quick by using different letter press sets.
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          Thanks for the replies. I've never noticed the letterpressed liners, but they are hot metal, you can feel the debossing. I'd of thought they'd have dropped that by 1970. I'll need to check but pretty sure my NY bluenotes are only letterpressed up to about 65'ish. I can hear myself as I type this and can't help but feel like a nerdish obsessive...


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            There's also a third variation from the very late 70's / early 80's which looks incredibly 80's and grey.

            The only copy I've seen of it was KPM 1157 (The Hunter (Drama Suite) / Adventure Story)


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              Who else hoards KPM doubles then?