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  • eBay saved searches?

    Have they been fecking around with them? Went on last night and it's all different and where I'd get 1000+ results on one I'm now getting just a hundred or so
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    Check item location, eBay periodically changes mine to either 'any' or 'United Kingdom only' which both seem to limit the number of items that come up (Which I can understand for UK but not for any)


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      I've never found it reliable. Searchdome is pretty good.


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        Ta Jam, I'll try that. My eBay Saved Searches have long been cursed by a complicated algorithm that doesn't seem to work.
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          I normally use a saved search on eBay for a genre, ie comedy which should surprise no-one. Ebay has now changed it's genre to comedy and spoken word which means I get loads of old tat I am not interested in, plus I can no longer save my refined search terms by genre anyway. Why must they fiddle with it when it is actually fit for purpose? AAAGGGHH!!!!
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            They've broken it and I cant for the life of me work out how you refine by genre anymore everything just seems lumped under one category 'records'.
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              They do seem to be messing about again. Look and feel has changed, standardised more in line with mobile use? And in recent weeks my watch list has been flaky - most items randomly not showing, although it does know how many I'm watching in total. It never gets better does it?


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                they just want you to click 'add to watch list' I reckon so they get better stats & it stops folks watching items in their bookmarks
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                  EBay have also made a massive mess of Click & Collect, as I've discovered recently. It's worked OK if Ihave won a single item, and I've found the convenience of being able to call in and pick it up at a time ideal for me really handy, and saves bothering my workplace, where I've tended to get items delivered in the past.
                  But what about when you've won multiple items? Checkout simply refuses to give Click + Collect as an option, even though each individual auction has listed it. One seller took it up with them and their customer service team were pretty clueless . Other sellers weren't even aware it was being offered on their auctions.
                  Anyone else had the same issue?


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                    this seller has a unique way of plugging his old albums

                    check his Syd Barrett link!
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