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  • Blighty's free cd

    if you haven't all ready got one of blighty's free CD comps, then my advice is to ask him for one today, to say they are excellent is an understatment, cheers blighty.

    ref: vibra - feeling good, falling free, which album is bert kaempfert falling free from?

    ref: nothing worthwhile is easy, which album is ronnie aldrich i'm not in love from?
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    Ronnie Aldrich's "I'm Not In Love" is on Tomorrow's Yesterday's (1979)... (excellent cover with a white coated big-sidied Ronnie surrounded by state of the art computer equipment)

    another '79 piano-pounder on Decca that's worth a listen is Stanley Black's Digital Magic (everyone was embracing the new technology in those days)... lovely version of Herb Alpert's "Rise"
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      Thanks Happy Monster. Glad you like. Not sure about the Kaempfert track, it's not something I've ever found. I'm sure Vibra will let you know, he must be lurking around somewhere.


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        It's on Bert Kaempfert - Now, with a sleeve picture of a couple reclining against a tree by a lake. You'd pick it up anyway since the first track is a cover of PYHITH with a break.
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          Yeah, thanks for those Blighty, have only managed a single listen but will cane them this week - the war one is real nice. Ta
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            cheers rich, i've never seen that kaempfert record, i'll look out for it now.

            war is not the answer is awesome as well blighty, nice to have black sabbath blasting out of the speakers.
            I want to go to the land of ooog!