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  • Great Pop Supplement to end

    Dom is bringing 'The Great Pop Supplement' to a close in order to concentrate on 'Polytechnic Youth'- I think 'Deep Distance' will bite the dust too. I've had a fair few GPS records over the years and it was a good, varied catalogue. I almost think of labels like this as a public service, because I'm pretty sure there's no money to be made by running such a label. GPS never seemed touched by the vagaries of what was fashionable and quite a few outfits probably saw their GPS release being their first and last. I particularly enjoyed Pete Greenwoods releases, under various guises, and The Soundcarriers, Melodie Du Kronk, Eat Lights Become Lights, C Joynes, The See See, and most recently Thelightshines, Lake Ruth, and The Hanging Stars. Always great packaging too. Lot of good stuff on Deep Distance, too. One of my favourite GPS 45s was Charles Douglas' 'Summertime'.

    "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"

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    I'll miss the emails bursting with enthusiasm, and usually a short cut to finding some interesting music.
    All the best for the new venture(s) Dom
    Everyone tear down your own little wall
    That keeps you from being a part of it all
    Because you've got to be one with the one and all
    You've just got to be close to it all


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      All three labels are fantastic... two out of three 'Polytechnic Youth' & 'Deep Distance' remaining is top news... easier on the band balance too...
      "It's all just one big plastic hassle..." - Psych-Out


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        I was a fan of that album by The New Lines - All that we see, very Barrett Floyd.