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Recommend me a Golden Earring album

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  • Recommend me a Golden Earring album

    well, we all know the hits Radar Love, Twilight zone etc, etc ...

    But I heard instant poetry on the radio today, a song I never heard before. Which I liked a lot.

    A few years ago I got a copy of their S/T album (also known as wall of dolls) for free at Waxwell records in Amsterdam (thanks for that). An album I enjoy a lot too.

    After reading their wiki page today, it seems they made a whole lot of albums.

    I've seen their album with the hand and a ring on the cover go for some money, so that might be any good, .... Don't know

    Anybody here know any more about Golden Earring and can recommend me an album I should really check out?

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    Miracle Mirror has some nice psychy beat stuff on it from what I remember. From 1968 I think.


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      I only have Miracle Mirror as well and I enjoyed the beaty pop on the couple of spins I gave it. Must give it another listen.
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        Only own the Eight Miles High lp, which has its moments, but I only picked it up as it was dirt cheap. I do have a few top 45s by them. Obviously they span a few styles, depends what you like I suppose. A lot of their stuff leaves me cold, but these are the ones I like and have. More in the beaty side of Nederbeat, with some more psychy moves on Arthur
        Chunk of steel / please go
        That day / the words I need
        I've just lost somebody / The truth about Arthur

        Everyone tear down your own little wall
        That keeps you from being a part of it all
        Because you've got to be one with the one and all
        You've just got to be close to it all


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          Well, I'll make it the other way around:

          I recommend you guys check out their ST (aka wall of dolls) album.

          It's really good and cheap .

          If this was by an obscure band it would be a £500 psych grail