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Your Opinion Please: Nirvana Simon Simopath

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  • Your Opinion Please: Nirvana Simon Simopath

    Came across a German OG press of this LP today at a place with no listening facilities.

    Tried to check clips in YouTube but most seems blocked.

    So what are people's thoughts on this LP?

    Does anyone know what the German press sells for?


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    I'm not a fan of Nirvana, but i absolutely love this album, seriously good psych/pop concept album. Might be a bit overblown or sometimes twee for some tastes.

    Had a quick look online and it seems that the German OG on Fontana is pretty scarce & pricey in Germany (although about half the price of a UK original). U.S. copy is by far the cheapest which is what i've got.
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      I like them a lot. They are at the baroque/twee end of popsike but a really good example of same.
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        I like and endorse this LP. I have a very beat up UK pinky but it plays like a trooper.
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          Take them or leave them
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            I have a knackered OG of this as well but it doesn't play like a trooper. I also have their 2nd lp knackered. A reissue of their 3rd (fiending for a UK Pye OG). Thankfully own decent copies of their 4th and 5th LPs.

            I'm a big fan of all of their LPs.
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              Originally posted by Campag Record View Post
              I'm a big fan of all of their LPs.
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