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    Bill has a huge huge catalogue of releases. I am familiar with Be Bop Beluxe which I think has some great moments, am a big fan of Red Noise which is intense and wild, and have recently started exploring the solo stuff - some great things picked up at random, singles like Banal, Rooms With Brittle Views, and albums like Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam, or Das Kabinet. Stuff like:

    Anyone have any thoughts on best directions for exploring through his stuff? Any side projects or non-obvious stuff that I should also have on the radar?

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    The stellar production work he did on the second Skids LP (which is not unlike Red Noise):

    Dave Lee Roth, I Too Am Running With This Devil Of Which You Speak (sic)


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      I have big love for Bill's work both old and current and have kept up to speed with his prolific output.
      I first heard him on Peel's show in the mid 70's and went through the Be Bop years - unfortunately not
      seeing them live, but I saw Red Noise on their one London show - Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, and solo
      at Heaven, Branson's short lived venue 'The Venue' and other places.
      I managed to get an hour long interview with him when he played in Milton Keynes a few years back
      and a more charming gent it would be hard to meet. I have all sorts of memorabilia/records etc
      but one of the nicest is this signed copy (by his ex wife & most of Red Noise) of his debut LP Northern Dream
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