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Ever sold records to a 'celeb'/famous person?

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  • Ever sold records to a 'celeb'/famous person?

    Forgive me if there's already a thread for this (searched but couldn't locate one), but I thought it might be fun to flush out some of the 'names' VG+ folk have sold vinyl to over the years.

    It's prompted by the fact that I clear my non-worthsomething LPs and singles through a local auction run by some friends of mine, and the most recent auction saw a lot of four Tony Hancock LPs snapped up by ska outfit Bad Manners singer Buster Bloodvessel.

    Made me chuckle to think of him happily snorting his way through The Blood Donor etc

    So who have you sold to that we might know?

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    I sold a This Heat boxset to one of the members of The Necks. It escapes me which one; I think it was Tony Buck.


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      I've sold stuff online to Luke Vibert and possibly DJ Food before ... (I forget).

      Most recent mail-order brush with fame was punting a second hand Harold Pinter DVD on to Spandau Ballet geezer Gary Kemp.

      The glamour of it all ...


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        sold one a week ago to Artist COOP! which was nice because I like his stuff a lot.
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          I would imagine Jazzman Gerald operates a customer confidentiality policy, but hope there's a few properly famous names he can divulge!

          On Discogs I've sold to the singer from Hot Chip, Danny Krivit, Kieran Hebden (Fourtet) and a few weeks back sold an album to Pete Rock. I put in a wee bonus record and a note - did I even get a thankyou? Who knows what other hip-hop producers with outlandish psuedonyms I might have sold to. Oh, the glamour a brush with minor celebrity brings. I prefer Russians buying Racey albums, personally!
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            Sure I've read a thread similar to this but no reason why you cant start a new one. I reckon 'Steve Davis' might get a mention. I've never knowingly sold to anyone famous records or anything else. Didn't I read someone sold a 'Folkways' record to 'Thurston Moore' once?
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              I've sold a couple of 45s to Elijah Wood - Speed by Ron Wray & another I can't remember. Also a Vangelis LP to Radio 5's own Danny Baker. Neither of them left any feedback, celebs eh?


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                Sold a 45 to Just Blaze last year, and a couple to Z Trip the other day. VERY EXCITING.

                Going the other way round, I bought an LP last year, and was informed by the seller that he was selling it on behalf of Lenny Henry.


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                  Fun thread! I've sold a concrete-y library to Fourtet, and an 80's hip hop LP to Welsh rap legend Nobsta Nutt!
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                    Public Image Ltd vinyl debut to Jimmy Page at Reading fair, some CDs to Colin Moulding (XTC) also at Reading,
                    Paul Rogers (Free etc) looked at my stuff at a fair in Luton once but didn't buy anything. Norman in Teenage Fanclub
                    bought some stuff on ebay off me once too.
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                      Are we talking online or real I sold a bob monkhouse flexi to mark lammar at a fair,also some records to Derek pringle jimmy page,ross halfin
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                        Oh yeah, I sold summat to Mark Lamarr too, also at Reading he must be local - didn't recognise him with beard etc, he's changed since he was on TV
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                          I was supposed to find Danish breakz for DJ M-Walk of Pharcyde and Tone Loc fame but it never happened.

                          Bit I've sold quite a few Shubidua 1 and 6 with drum breakz to The Sound Library in NYC which probably ended up in the hands of name djs and producers.
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                            I sold a Jelly Babies EP to Henry Rollins- seemed a bit incongruous.
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                              i sold a record via ebay to the singer of Opeth.