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  • Various Freebies

    I have some bits to clear out and thought I'd offer them up here in case they're of any use to folks. Maybe you can save some of them from going to Oxfam and being marked up at £8 each

    I'm a very occasional poster here so I checked with Sie that it was OK to put these up.

    A couple have condition problems that I've stated. I've included them just in case someone can use them - hope this is OK!

    Usual VG+ rules nicked from another thread:

    - No lurkers/newbies (if that isn't too hypocritical!)
    - Register your interest in the thread, so that others can keep track of what's gone / still available
    - You'll be paying for your postage but I have a few mailers I can re-use
    - First come, first served - please read previous posts to save you from asking for items that have already gone
    - Let the dust settle for a few days, I'll get in touch with you to let you know the Paypal details.

    The Wonderful Sound of Ossie Scott - jazzy reggae
    The Garage Sound of Deepest New York - what it says really. Double LP
    Shreikback - Hand On My Heart one-sided promo 12"
    Thee Hynotics - Livr Than God - no outer sleeve
    Ahmad Jamal - But Not For Me - lovely 60s Argo pressing but sadly pressed off centre so the piano sounds all wonky. Maybe you have a nice copy in need of a sleeve!
    Cannonball Adderley - Fiddler On The Roof - big scratch on one track otherwise OK

    Bent - I Love My Man 12"
    Panjabi MC 12"
    Karamasov - Morgenmuffel remix 12" - electronic/post-rocky thing
    The Rapture - Sister Saviour remixes and I Need Your Love remixes
    A Guy Called Gerald - Strangest Changes promo 12"

    Run DMC - Changes 12"
    Jungle Brothers - Because I Got It Like That - drum and bass remixes
    Jungle Brothers - VIP - more D&B remixes - Aphrodite and Micky Finn
    Digital Underground - Humpty Dance and Same Song 12"s
    Street Sounds - warp that sounds on some tracks. Nice BMX sleeve though!

    Sylvie Marks & Hal 9000 - on Bpitch Control (BPC 058)
    Decal - Freekin Empires - proper electro on Andy Weatheralls RGC label
    Mu-Ziq - The Fear 12"
    !!! - Promo 12" for the Louden Up Now LP on Warp
    Anti-Pop Consortium - Promo 12" for the Arrhthymia LP on Warp
    Crossover - Fantastico double LP - electroclash on International DJ Gigolo

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    interested in the Digital Undergrounds


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      Would be interested in the Panjabi MC please

      Elephant and dwarf they call them, Pepe Kalle and his little
      stage dancing friend Emoro.


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        Not in on this one but just to say hats off Paul for keeping the spirit of the forum alive.
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          Nice one Paul!

          I'd like the Ossie Scott and Jungle Bros twelves if still available
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            Thanks very much! Interested in

            Sylvie Marks & Hal 9000
            Decal - Freekin Empires
            Mu-Ziq - The Fear 12

            Thank you!
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              Oops - that was more than a couple of days! Sorry!

              Anyway, taken are..

              Paul-K - Digital Underground 12"s
              George - Panjabi MC 12"
              Col Wolfe - Ossie Scott and Jungle Bros
              Eine - Silvie Marks, Decal and Mu-ziq

              I'll PM everyone with the details. The rest will be off to the Lee Green branch of Geranium in a day or two