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NRR: Yahoo email hack help!

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  • NRR: Yahoo email hack help!


    Sorry for putting this up here, but I'm hoping one of the more tech savvy users can help.

    My primary email address is [email protected] email I've had for probably a decade.

    It's BT/Yahoo and when I read about the ahoo hack I thought I'd go in and change my password.

    Problem is when I followed the instructions on BT's website it didn't recognise my address.

    I then rang them up and after sitting on the phone for an hour I got through to a bloke who told me my account was 'inactive' and to change my password I'd have to sign up to BT's premium email service for £5 a month!

    When I told him I didn't want to do that he said that I wouldn't be able to change my password, BT would take no responsibility if I got hacked and my account was probably going to be cancelled anyway.

    I then asked if I could sign up to change my password and then cancel afterwards to which he replied 'I can see what you are trying to do here sir' and hung up on me.

    I really want to sack this account off and it looks like it may be cancelled anyway.

    I'm a Luddite when it comes to emails, so my question is am I able to close down this email address myself? If not, do I run the risk of some 10 year old from Russia using it to scam stuff under my name?
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