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  • My PHD- help needed

    Hi everyone,

    So, I'm doing a PHD based around the idea of the vinyl revival. I'm at the literature review stage, so I'm interested in the transition from yer more specialist shops to records being sold in Sainsburys, Urban Outfitters, The Works etc. I'm looking for publications, articles etc that you think offer an insight into this.

    I'm also looking at any histories- verbal, pubished etc- of the manufacturing and distribution of records pre revival- so pre 1990, I guess? It's sort of important I talk about this in comparison with the new model, but there's very little I can find.

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    Have you checked out the British Library Sound Archive yet? There's a shedload of oral histories from various branches of the music industry in there.

    Also: I seem to recall there was a project recently to gather oral histories of EMI employees who worked in manufacturing, pressing etc, although both of those are more useful for your data research, rather than your Literature Review.

    Eine on here may know more, and Dr Simon Poole drops by occasionally. I know manufacturing and distribution are distinctly poor relations when it comes to literature on the music industry.
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      R Serge Denisoff's books Solid Gold (1975) and Tarnished Gold (1986) may help with the pre 1990 landscape.


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        Thanks for the mention Ian. I've been regularly lurking but not posting as much lately.

        Happy to share everything I gathered for my PhD pgofton- drop me a PM.
        There's a great bit in the Record Collector's 'Complete Guide to Record Collecting' published in 95 (I think) where the debate about how long we'll be able to buy new vinyl is taken quite seriously... they concluded that things would be safe until 2000.