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Sad news. Thierry Steuve

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  • Sad news. Thierry Steuve

    I heard over the weekend that Belgian DJ and collector Thierry Steuve aka Thierry Steady Go had passed away.

    He was a friend of my Mod mates from back in the 80's, but I met him when my friends in Belgium and Holland started attending his nights and DJing with him on occasion.

    I only spoke to him a few times but he came across as a really great bloke, very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. His sets I heard in person and via tapes were exceptional, he had great taste in music and some incredible records.

    He was only 55. Very sad.
    it's OK to head out for wonderful, but on your way to wonderful, you're gonna have to pass through all right. When you get to all right,
    take a good look around and get used to it, because that may be as far as you're gonna go.

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    Aw shit. I knew he had health problems in recent years but not idea it was that bad

    He was super nice. Once he gave me some amazing records out of pure generosity, including the Marc Moulin 7" with the Mona Lisa pic

    Very sad that he's gone at such a young age.


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      Get used to it. The real vinyl generation are getting older. I didn't know Thierry but he was obviously a lovely geezer. Thanks for your lovely karma. It was noticed in a confused universe.
      "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."