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New record shop in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

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    Has Hitchin considered entering the Worst Dressed Town In The Universe competition?
    Perhaps the winnings could help fund these plucky millenials mysteriously expensive relocation plans.

    About 20 years ago I moved approx 10 thousand records about 2 miles across town in a Hiace van in one day at a total cost of about 50 quid, plus a few drinks for my mate who helped me move, so why do they need 10K? They're only moving a few feet, apparently, and its all on the ground floor. We had to empty my old flat on the 8th floor and then carry the records up 3 flights of stairs to the 3rd floor in the new building. We were both in pain for days afterwards. The most stressful part for me was monopolising the lift in the first building and worrying about leaving records unguarded in the lobby. And we also moved my other meagre possessions including a very old and rather heavy Polish fridge. For 50 quid! OK, maybe it was 100 quid.
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      Worse dressed town? Isn't that what a record collector looks and dresses like?
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        Originally posted by Duncan View Post
        Isn't that what a record collector looks and dresses like?
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          Now for sale.....

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            Bang goes the vynil revyval.
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