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The world of crate digging and rare record ownership bores me

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  • The world of crate digging and rare record ownership bores me

    "If I'm being honest, the world of crate digging and rare record ownership bores me. There was a time I enjoyed finding obscure music but having to socialise with the type of people that want to show off their record collections doesn't turn me on in the slightest" - Dom Thomas

    Without turning this into a comment on Mr. Thomas specific situation... does anybody on the board ever feel like this?

    From time to time I do loose patience with it all and wonder just how many hours I've put into accumulating this large pile of records most people I know don't give a hoot about... and what else could I or perhaps should've been doing... but then I hear another piece of killer music and I'm right back at it again.

    It might just be part of a wider general malaise I'm feeling... less and less interesting vinyl in charity shops, harder to find elsewhere - with more competition, less time on my hands to listen to music due to family / work, less interesting threads on here, dwindling VG+ Xmas swap participation, fecking facebook, people / "the youth" of today being more focussed on music which isn't my bag... just getting to the stage where you've heard so much more than you haven't - making it harder to get into more music, etc etc etc... getting older basically!

    Although I continually hear "That Vinyl is back again" from everybody from the charity shop Grannies to my family members, that makes it less appealing for me...

    I mean if somebody made you a good offer for your collection would you take it? Walk away from it all with a wedge in your bank account or start again?

    I have to say though that the huge proportion of people I've met through record collecting and from this board, I've enjoyed their company very much. Some, indeed many I call my friends, and I hope they would say the same about me.

    Anyway your thoughts would be appreciated...
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    To be fair I have seen a lot of weirdos record collections over the years and that is part of the fun. Oh boy can that be fun.
    I suppose he is talking about his peer group here? Us?
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      Well, I Kinda agree with what Mr Thomas but I just love music too much.

      And for me, apparently, the best way to discover and listen to music is vinyl.

      Going to fairs, talking to music lovers and connaisseurs, taking punts, recommendations..

      I don’t spend half of my time crate digging and going to charity shops, not enough time/success ratio, but will go to a good record fair and spend my well earned money on vinyl.

      No way would I ever sell my record collection! Well, maybe half of it, cause I have too many records , but not the core of my collection. Too many good memories and too much good music


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        yeah i do.
        who cares about really rare records? its about the music.
        the really rare records are mostly rare for a reason.
        id sell my whole collection for the right price, and then start again.
        i havent enjoyed record digging this year, i hardly go anymore. id rather spend £30 a month on a new record i want, rather than spend £50 on 50 records that i probably wont play again.
        things change, im sure ill go back to loving record buying, but at the moment with all vinyl being "cool" again, its just putting me off.


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          It"s quite an odd thing to say. I think for most people, it's about mostly about the music and a bit about the format. I've never really met anyone other than dealers who wants to tell you about Their Collection. They seem to be the ones who get most hung up about obscurity and rarity for its own sake.


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            Just have fun with it.

            If it's not fun anymore, take a break.


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              When I've thought about this I've come to the conclusion it scratches the itch that you see weaponized in little phone flash games. There's a brief sense of achievement, but always more to find. Fundamentally it's a bit pointless, but it seems like something deeply ingrained - a book on edible weeds I was perusing recently suggested it as the "foraging impulse", finding rare plants or materials that would be of use. As untrustworthy evolutionary psychology might be, this struck a chord with me.

              If you have to scratch the itch, there are probably better ways, but there are definitely worse ways - see said phone games. I'm willing to take it on those terms.


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                Hah! I like the phone game analogy spacefin!

                This year has been the busiest in my life in terms of work and commitments and I have seen my music buying dwindle. Although I've managed to keep up with the odd online wants list purchase, digging, visiting record shops and new music have disappeared. I don't miss digging or record shops but miss buying new music and if I have more time next year I will start doing that again.

                I still collect books and the occasional print. If I had more money and time I would spend it on beautiful things to surround myself in, because I'm that kind of home loving art appreciating worm.

                Records suit me well because I haven't got much time and you can enjoy them whilst doing other things. I suspect if I had loads of time to read I would be even further buried in books.

                Hand-in-hand with this however is a strong desire to make beautiful things and I have been lucky to have made a fair few this year via Spirit Duplicator and other creative projects.

                And yes, people and sharing enthusiasms and making things together are the best thing about it.
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                  It's inevitable that as all of us get older, the game gets more difficult, but occasionally (hopefully) we get a lucky break that makes it thrilling or enjoyable.

                  One of my year's high points was discovering a Judy Collins song called 'Since You Asked' when I listened to a 2nd hand LP I bought as a present for someone in September (and yes, even though I thought the song was amazing, I still handed it over as I had planned), then finding an AMAZING version of the same song by The Singers Unlimited, which sent chills up my spine. That doesn't happen so often these days.

                  But yes, I wonder why I keep spending money on new records, when they seem so expensive, which is my fault for reading this fricking BB.

                  I need to get much better at selling to keep the flow correct ...
                  "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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                    I also think that it must be quite boring owning a collection of really rare records, just because they are rare. owning a load of ace records is a lot different to owning a load of rare records.


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                      I find it funny that most record collectors I know gossip about the same rumours about rare records, but have very different taste and interests, so who are they trying to impressive?? Move on, please.
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                        Originally posted by Paul-K View Post
                        I also think that it must be quite boring owning a collection of really rare records, just because they are rare. owning a load of ace records is a lot different to owning a load of rare records.
                        Definitely is, I'm pretty certain everyone on this forum when asked about fav records in their collections ; the rarest are not the ones they choose.


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                          I don't really understand the link between chasing obscure records and having to spend your time socialising with people you don't like. Most of my time looking for records is alone, and the record shop and stall owners I do chat to are a nice people and I enjoy the contact.

                          In a more general sense, yes there's something slightly depressing about spending money I can't really afford on more and more records - even when there's piles I've never listened to properly. It is a sort of addiction and I've noticed when I've given up smoking in the past that my record buying increased as I needed the kick I was missing from the cigs or something. That said there's so much exciting music to discover and spotify or mp3s just don't cut it for me.


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                            I couldn´t sell my collection. 95% of it, maybe, but there's stuff I genuinely love and couldn´t be parted from. Not just the music, but the actual record which reminds me of a place and a time when I bought it, discovered it, played it etc. Some of it's rare, most of it isn´t.

                            I think Dom Thomas is referring to a much more competitive sphere than you find reflected on this board. I've hung around on some specialist boards in the past and realised pretty quickly that I was never going to be much of a player on their scene - I just don´t have the discipline and single-mindedness to specialise, nor the energy or inclination to trade, sell and hustle to achieve the perfect DJ set or mix . Especially as I don´t DJ any more. I've accepted that it's a hobby and nothing more.

                            I don´t get depressed by the fact that there's almost nothing to buy where I live. I've actually found it quite liberating - it forces me to pay more attention to what I do find. A couple of years ago I found some Georges Brassens 10"s on a market stall and really got into him for a while, and I've just discovered two lps by Argentine prog-pop group Spinetta Jade that plenty of people here would hate but have really got under my skin.

                            I'd echo Fuz by saying that this board has always seemed to have the right attitude, and point out to him that pretty much everyone here knows he and many other people here, are doing something that nobody else is doing anywhere. It's a fascinating and entirely civilised pursuit (York Racecourse car boot sale excepted) .


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                              yeah I could easily get rid of 95% of the chud from my chazzer hunting days. Been meaning to do for some time.
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