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Vinyl indignity: record sales are up, but...

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  • Vinyl indignity: record sales are up, but...

    ...small labels don't see the benefit. Another article for the 'vinyl revival' pile. The comments are interesting.
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    im pretty sure they do.
    it depends what you are selling


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      I agree with much of it. The Jam's 'Side Affects' lp for instance, which illustrates the article- you can buy an original, or later press for £10 or less so what need for a pink one (currently one on discogs for £55, about the going rate it seems and they're always mint and sealed) except to file away never to be played.

      I like his label but it's a pity he released his 'Dean Wareham at St Pancras' on cassette because I'm not a big fan of that medium but I'd quite like to have the recording. Can't even buy the cassette now because it's sold out.

      Small anything never sees the benefit. If there is a benefit it's noticed by larger fish who come and hoover it all up.
      "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"