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  • Dullesville postage question

    I believe that for postage within the UK there is a weight threshold beyond which the price jumps. 2KG?

    What is the comparable threshold for postage from UK to Oz?

    Someone in the UK is 'holding' for me. I had been planning to pick up when next in the UK. But I am keen to possess. Hence wondering about optimum postage weights and LP numbers.


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    It's the same threshold

    You can send up to 2kg to Oz quite affordably. It will vary slightly depending on how many records, but anything from £9 to £15 or so

    Over 2kg and it jumps up dramatically. Parcelforce is very pricey so you'd be better off using a courier site like p4d to find a better price

    Or get the package split up into manageable <2kg parcels

    I remember taking a US-bound parcel to the post office and was quoted £45 to send. Went home and split it into two parcels... the result w


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      ... the result was half-price!


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        Without wanting to hijack the thread (apologies!), does anyone know If there is a similar optimum weight threshold for parcels coming from the US to the UK?

        I've got 150 LPs waiting over there and have been bringing them back each time I visit, but keep adding to them so never quite clear the decks!
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          In which case I'll probably ask him to send it. Not sure if/when I'll be in the UK in 2017.