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Postal Tape Library name ?

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  • Postal Tape Library name ?

    Many years ago my father was subscribed to a postal cassette tape library based somewhere in the UK. From about 1975 to 1981, approx. On joining, he received a catalogue from which he created a list of preferences. The library would then send him a leather pouch by post containing up to five tapes from that list. The cassettes themselves were housed in soft plastic wallets together with the j-card. They had to be returned within 3 weeks or so. We'd receive regular catalogue updates too. I remember one update explaining that the 'noises' heard through The Dark Side of the Moon were not caused by damaged tape but were actually intentional! Needless to say, I hijacked this resource once I became interested in pop music.

    This was a privately owned, subscription based tape library, and not part of the UK library service.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone and if so, what was the name of this library/company?
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