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Flying Fortress Decca Acetate

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  • Flying Fortress Decca Acetate

    This is a very long shot here I’ll admit, but is anybody familiar with this unreleased Decca acetate?

    It seems to have cropped up for sale twice (what I assume is the same copy). I write about the Cornish music scene in the 60s & 70s and Flying Fortress where a band from Cornwall who made the trip to London for a test session with Decca, which resulted in this disk. Full story of the band here.

    None of the guys in the band have a copy either on acetate or tape, so the one sold online appears at the moment to be the only surviving copy. The guys from the band would dearly love to hear it again, as would I! Of course I never had this in my saved eBay searches as I would never have dreamed that it was something that would come up for sale!!

    One of the auction listings mentioned audio files being available (of course long since vanished). Did anybody see the auction and download the files?

    I’m clutching at straws here people, really I am…… but it’s out there somewhere, somebody owns it

    Here’s the band looking suitable heavy in 1970

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    Looks like Jens might be your man?
    Wickerman on the forum.
    Is this related to StJudes post?
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      Thanks, I did wonder. It looked like Jens might have sold one of the copies.

      No, not related to StJudes post