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    Just been discovering the Exiles on Topic and dipping in to some singles on Transatlantic/Big T and finding some decent tracks. Was wondering what stuff on these labels (and maybe Argo) people here recommend. Here are a couple that I've been into a lot lately:

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    Don't mean to derail the thread but there's a nice name check for Topic Records within Half Man Half Biscuit's Adam Boyle Has Cast Ladrock Aside:
    'And much has been gleaned from BBC4
    Adam Boyle’s cast lad rock aside
    As Beltane neared, he affected a beard
    And bought stuff on Topic for which he’s not geared
    Where’s the guitar?
    Witness the day Adam Boyle cast lad rock aside'
    guess they are referencing some of the label's acapella output - a breach too far, from the safe shores of previous Britpoppery.