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    Hi, thought one of you knowledgable vultures might know who is responsible for the vocals on the track Surrender... off of Pye Chartbusters volume 2?? I really enjoy this series, the production is great on a few of the the tracks ...I only have volume 2 and many did it run too, any info would be greatly appreciated...I think the above track is very nice if ya see it about! many thanks in advance...sid

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    The Pye Chartbusters series were recorded by various people over the years - Avenue, Dyne and Hensley Music all did a few, and Tony Palmer produced a couple of volumes in-house (with Ray Davies arrangements), but I don't know Chartbusters vol 2 - I'd be interested to hear it!


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      shows your pye

      Thank you Lord Thames for the informative reply, indeed the 2 volumes I have are produced by Tony Palmer, ahha Ray Davies you say, that could explain the rather spiffing version of Surrender on vol 2. If you would like a listen no probs, could do a CD of some stuff 4 ya, best Sid


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        A CD would be fantastic - ta!

        Send me a PM - as I've said elsewhere, I'm having computer probs at the moment so I don't know when I'll receive it, but I'll get there eventually.