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Vinyl bowls.

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  • Vinyl bowls.

    I was in a chazza the other day and after looking through a pile of dross my attention was drawn to a few record bowls, I've looked at a few of these in the past and they've always been made out of crap records that nobody would miss but this time it was, to my horror...

    Beatles - please please me
    Deep purple - machine head
    Deep purple - on harvest label
    Black Sabbath - mob rules

    To make matters worse they looked in great condition, I pointed out that they could easily sell these for £10-20+ each to some gormless worker who made me suspect it was probably him.
    So, what are the best records you've seen ruined by being turned into a bowl?
    I reckon it'll be the Sab's swirls next time I go in.

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    Not actually a bowl but a few years back there was a magazine that for reasons lost to the mists of time decided to include a sleeveless LP that had been trimmed so that it would fit onto the cover of a shrink-wrapped A4 publication. I had a quick look to see which albums had befallen this misfortune and in the issue at the front of the stack was what appeared to have once been a very nice copy of "Movements" by Johnny Harris. I was too sickened/annoyed to look at the ones behind it.
    Drastically reduced to 72p