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  • STOLEN RECORDS: Please Read

    Hi I haven't posted on here in some time and barely use the internet anymore. So I hope the mods don't mind this being posted.

    Some may of heard the news that The Lucid Dream (band from Carlisle) got all of their gear robbed while touring in Paris last week. I was DJing for them and came out of it pretty lightly I had a box of 7s and a box of LPs with me. The box of 7s was left (if tipped out all over the floor) but the box of LPs/12s was taken. I think after seeing what happened to the 7s when they find out whats inside they'll probably just be dumped somewhere or sold in a oner, who knows?

    It's a long shot and I don't hold much hope of getting them back but here's a list of the records stolen. Most are cheap but the sentimental value is irreplaceable. Records I'd bought when i was 15/16 at record fairs while just getting into music.

    If anyone could share this on any other sites that may be helpful or with any dealers in the Paris area they may know that would be great.

    AGGROVATORS - Johnny In The Echo Chamber [Attack] LP
    ASWAD - A New Chapter Of Dub [Island] LP
    JOHNNY CLARK - Babylon [Jah Shaka] 12"
    DEB PLAYERS - House Of Deb [Deb] LP
    DUB SYNDICATE - Stoned Immaculate [On-U Sound] LP
    JOE GIBBS & THE PROFESSIONALS - African Dub All-Mighty Chapter 3 [Lightning] LP
    LOVE JOYS - Lovers Rock [Wackies] LP
    AUGUSTUS PABLO - King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown [Island] 12"
    PRINCE FAR I AND THE ARABS - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter III [Daddy Kool] LP
    SCIENTIST - Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires [Greensleeves] LP
    JAH SHAKA - Jah Dub Creator (Commandments Of Dub Part 5) [Jah Shaka] LP
    CULTURAL VIBE - Ma Foom Bey [Easy Street] 12"
    ESG - A South Bronx Story [Universal Sound] LP
    THE FALL - Big New Prinz [Beggars Banquet] 12"
    THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - Papua New Guinea [Jumpin & Pumpin] 12"
    HAPPY MONDAYS - Bummed [Factory] LP
    THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - Never Understand [Blanco Y Negro] 12"
    JOY DIVISION - Substance [Factory] LP
    LIAISONS DANGEREUSES - Los Ninos Del Parque [Mute] 12"
    JUDY NYLON - Pal Judy [On-U Sound] LP
    MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO - Psyche Out / Radio Babylon [Play It Again Sam] 12"
    ORANGE LEMON - Dreams Of Santa Anna [Champion] 12"
    THE ORB - Perpetual Dawn [Big Life] 12"
    SAINT ETIENNE - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Mix Of Two Halves) [Heavenly] 12"
    SECTION 25 - From The Hip [Factory] LP
    13th FLOOR ELEVATORS - Easter Everywhere [Radar] LP
    ANGELO & EIGHTEEN - Flight 2 [Finders Keepers] 12"
    VARIOUS ARTISTS COMPILATION - Forever Changing [Beechwood] LP
    ADONIS - No Way Back [London] 12"
    BIZZ NIZZ - Don't Miss The Partyline [Cooltempo]
    BLACK BOX - Ride On Time [Deconstructio] 12"
    BOCCA JUNIORS - Raise [Boys Own] 12"
    DE LITE - Wild Times (Mayday Mix) [Circa] 12"
    D-SHAKE - Yaaah [Cooltempo] 12"
    808 State - Cubik [ZTT] 12"
    HUMANOID - Stakker Humanoid [Westside] 12"
    KENNY JASON & FAST EDDIE - Can U Dance [Champion] 12"
    INNER CITY - Big Fun [10 Records] 12"
    LIAISONS D - Future FJP [Deconstruction] 12"
    NITRO DELUXE - This Brutal House / Dub [Cooltempo] 12"
    PANDELLA - This Way That Way [Easy Street] 12"
    PHUTURE PFANTASY CLUB - Slam [Low Fat Vinyl]
    PRIMAL SCREAM - Don't Fight It Feel It [Creation] 12"
    RENEGADE SOUNDWAVE - Space Gladiator [Mute] 12"
    RHYTHIM IS RHYTHIM / MODEL 500 - Strings Of Life / Off To Battle [Jack Trax] 12"
    KEVIN SAUNDERSON - Faces & Phases Vol.1 [Planet E] LP
    S'EXPRESS - Mantra For A State Of Mind [Rhythm King] 12"
    SLY & LOVECHILD - The World According To [Heavenly] 12"
    SUB SUB - Space Face (Promo Version) [White Label] 12"
    MARINA VAN-ROOY - Sly One [Deconstruction] 12"
    VARIOUS ARTISTS COMPILATION - The House Sound Of Chicago [London] LP
    VARIOUS ARTISTS COMPILATION - Warp 10+1 Influences [Warp] LP
    VARIOUS ARTISTS COMPILATION - North The Sound Of The Dance Underground [Deconstruction] LP
    KLF - What Time Is Love [KLF Communications] 12"
    DELANEY & BONNIE - D&B Together [Columbia] LP

    Thanks alot for your help,

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    I'm sorry to hear about this and hope you get them back.

    I know you've said you want them back due to sentimental reasons, but if they don't turn up drop me a PM as I can send you some of the house 12"s for free.
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      Some of my favourite dub albums in there.

      Hope you get them back.


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        That's shit, pm me your address and I'll send you a few bits off the list. Got a few 12"s surplus to requirements since I have the 7"...
        Club stuff:




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          Likewise, I might be able to replace some of those bits. Out of the country at the moment but will check my shelves when i return.

          How do you know exactly what was in the bag out of interest? Do you make a note of the titles as they come off the shelves?


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            They won't come back. I've got a Silver Apples you have if you want, none of the others, sorry.


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              Really appreciate that of you all. Amazing actually! We'll see what happens in the coming weeks but like I say i'm not hopeful of them returning.

              It happened Friday so I've just been going through them in my head and jotting them down over the last few days. Also went through my last few years purchase history on discogs I rarely buy from anywhere else these days and not too often their either but that filled in a few blanks. There's still a few i'm missing off the list I think? A few more came into my head today Lee Perry, Johnny Osbourne, Twinkle Brothers & The Cramps were all in the box.

              Thanks alot though for your offers, I might take you up on them. Really great of you guys! We'll see what happens



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                I was in Paris this past week for the Paris Loves Vinyl fair and have put the word out to some of the store owners and dealers I met. Hopefully if anyone tries to sell a bunch of records on your list it will raise a red flag.

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                  Originally posted by Plainstone View Post
                  I was in Paris this past week for the Paris Loves Vinyl fair and have put the word out to some of the store owners and dealers I met. Hopefully if anyone tries to sell a bunch of records on your list it will raise a red flag.
                  Thanks Plainstone appreciate it!