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  • Leaving feedback on ebay?

    Being fairly new to ebay I'm wanting as much positive feedback left as possible incase I try selling stuff. About a month ago I won two records, paid £75 and made payment immediately. Records received 3 days later. Great service so I leave my positive feedback for the seller (an establised UK power seller). He hasn't left me any feedback.

    Now I realise a seller isn't under any law to leave feedback but would it be cheeky of me to email the seller and ask if they could leave me feedback?

    Should I just forget about it, it's only 1 extra rating at the end of the day (I just think it's slightly annoying as he's got over 2000+ so I feel he should at least do the courtesy of leaving his customers positive feedback when the transaction has gone smoothly).

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    send that email - your man's probably being a little lazy. after all, with 2000 positives already, a few extra won't make much difference. remind him you're a way behind him on feedback and he'll hopefully reciprocate...
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      there's nothing wrong with requesting feedback from the sellers, some people just take longer than others to do organise leaving it.

      however, there are also those who don't leave feedback, for whatever reason (i've used a few of the larger sellers who are obviously on-line shop outlets and never had any feedback from them).


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        I would just ignore it. a lot of sellers do this for one reason or another, and yes, it's very annoying. as courtesy I always leave feedback for buyers who pay immediately, i'll leave feedback to sellers once my merchandise has arrived on my doorstep in one piece. but i've had plenty of sellers that haven't left me any feedback at all, there's nothing you can really do about it, unless you send them an email and pester them, in which case you risk being left negative feedback for harrassing them about it. not worth getting bent out of shape over imo.


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          Personally, I leave feedback as soon as payment clears as much as a way of keeping my records up to date as anything. But out of around 6 - 700 transactions, my feedback rating is somewhere around the 530 mark, meaning that duplicate buyers aside a fair few (maybe 50 - 70 buyers) haven't left feedback. About 1 in 10, I guess. Assume most were happy with the goods, as those with problems I know of have emailed, so why they left none is a mystery - probably range in reason from forgetting to who knows what. Sometimes a new feedback will appear anything up to 2 months or more after the auction end, too. After a certain time, the auction goes from the records and feedback can't be left, I think. One seller I bought from never got the cash I sent, held onto the LP while I sorted it with the PO, and by the time it arrived the timespan had expired and I was unable to leave the deserved postive feedback. I'm fairly sure a polite email after 3/4 weeks couldn't be objected to...
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            I'd send him an email. One little reminder's not going to incur ire.

            I'm rubbish with my feedback. I just left positive feedback for a tune I got around Christmas. I do always leave it, but it's not always immediately atferwards. I find it much less time consuming to do a bunch at once. Maybe he feels the same.


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              exactly as above.........nothing wrong with sending the email requesting feedback....don't worry about upsetting the seller.....any reasonable seller will find the time to respond...


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                Most power sellers do all their feedbacks in one great lump. Just chill!
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                  Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.
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                    on sermad's point above, you can check someones feedback 'left for others' - I'm in the same boat as you, whats concerning me more though is the couple of items I paid for a month ago plus & have recieved feedback for but am yet to physically sight