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    Hello all.

    I am moving into my own place in a few months so I decided to go furniture shopping. I was looking out for some sort of display unit to set up my stereo equipment. I was thinking of using one of those record shelving units, the ones you see often on ebay when people display the lp they are selling.

    What I want to ask is what kind of set up do you all have? I currently have mine on a small coffee table and it kinda looks naff.

    Any suggestion would be great. Or maybe pics?

    David S.
    God bless Fatso.

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    We bought a great big 60's wooden sideboard that hides the amp and whatnot behind some sliding doors and with room for the record player on top. If it wasn't chock full of videos I could use the extra space for my singles.

    One day i'll annoy the Mrs by drilling a big hole in the back for all the cables to go thru ;-)

    I find that decent new furniture is so expensive and poorly made that taking the time to find some older stuff can be cheaper and will probably last longer as well.

    Alternatively you could just get some Expedites from Ikea and pull out some of the vertical dividers to fit the stereo equipment in amongst the records.

    It'll be intresting to hear what others are using.



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      David - I suggest perusing some of the mid-market furniture stores such as Dare for a cabinet type unit rather than Ikea which is good for the expedits alone

      I have my turneys on a dresser type thing that has booster blocks ala

      []__________________ []

      you can put the amp in the space between the booster blocks, the top is cut to size for a 'hip hop' setup (turneys sideways)

      A mate of mine built his own unit, one housing records underneath


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        I managed to get a pair of those old low-slung sideboards from the Sally Army for £15. Knocked the legs off, plonked em on top of each other, kicked out the shelves behind the doors, stuffed LPs inside, dropped the decks/mixer/burner on the top and Robert's your Mother's Brother. Exactly the right height/width/depth those sideboards + cheap too. My girlfriend hates it + it's destined to stay in the spare room for ever.

        EDIT- or if you're not short of a few quid: PRICEY
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          "Alternatively you could just get some Expedites from Ikea and pull out some of the vertical dividers to fit the stereo equipment in amongst the records."

          I already have an Expedite and was seriously considering doing just that. But I would have to buy a second one as my own is chocka's with vinyl.

          I was considering some kind of cabinet but the ones I saw were somewhat unstable.
          Thanks for the tips, guys.
          Anyone else?
          God bless Fatso.


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            Ive adopted a more of a junk shop aproach to record storrage. Most are on one of those big metal racks from B&Q which is bolted to a wall and the rest are on some slightly bowing shelves and the rest are stuck in various sizes of boxes on the floor. As for the wheels of steel, i built a table out of MDF and metal legs which is again bolted to the wall. All a bit makeshift but serves me well. Only concern is that all my stuff is stored in a 1st floor spare room and im worried about the weight! I have visions of coming home from work and finding everything in the dinning room covered in masonary..
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              meant to ask, have you only got one record player ?

              also, you can get long rca's (10 metre) so that amps/cd players can be tucked away from your preamp & player (a BIR perhaps?), and don't shy away from splashing out on 10-20 metres of quality speaker cable if the room calls for it (and you haven't got it already)


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                Glad to know I'm not the only person who has a sideboard Nice G-Plan one in my living room hides *alot* of junk !

                Hi-Fi does need proper isolation though..... it does make a huge difference to sound quality.
                Matt Hero