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  • Really Boring Postage Question

    Need to send an LP to the US.

    If you use tracking it's only good up until the record leaves the UK right?

    What's the safest method of sending a pricy LP to the US?


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    When it gets to the US it can be tracked on USPS

    Pay for extra insurance , up to 500 is an extra fiver, but you have to have an invoice if you do need to claim , no point in any insurance if its a private sale


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      Thanks Reza. So it's a Discogs item I've sold. Send International Tracking with Insurance??


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        Yes , tracked and signed for and w/insurance, you have a proper proof of sale that you can printout along with the paypal payment invoice if needed , sure it'll be fine to the US

        Edit , long as its not to a box no as you often dont get a signature that way


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          Wow, this really is a boring question and what is worse I'm about to answer it...

          It used to be that you sent abroad either Tracked or International Signed For. Tracked was fully tracked, but you didn't get a signature confirming receipt. International Signed For was tracked until it left the UK, and then it was in no man's land until it arrived at its destination and got a signature to confirm delivery. So, both were obviously flawed.

          Now, both services have been combined into Tracked And Signed, which does exactly that. Both services in one. Think it's actually cheaper than trying to do either of the older ones. Not all countries do Tracked And Signed, but pretty sure the US does.

          Right, think I'm off to bed now...
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            Cheers fellas!!