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why dont people buy cds?

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  • why dont people buy cds?

    I know they are easily copied.
    but they normally remastered, clear sound, easy to store, nice booklet, the plastic case can easily be replaced...

    ive got loads in the loft. basically worthless

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    I buy them... if they're 50p.
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      they do! I've been getting top dollar for mine on wishcogs.
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        The case/sleeve is a dealbreaker for me...

        plus they sound terrible when compared to vinyl of course.


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          Originally posted by Paul-K View Post
          the plastic case can easily be replaced...
          That's not an advantage. There'd be no need to replace it if the hinges didn't shatter every time you dropped it.
          Plus you can´t skip to your favourite bit of a track on a CD, you can never get the booklet out, they sound horrible when they skip, and they do skip, they're small and look cheap and go tonk when you flick them, they're full of filler and skits and crap, and you never really look forward to putting them on when you get home.
          I never liked them much. Good riddance.


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            i like cds. but I cant justify buying them anymore.
            I like the ease of ripping them. the small area they take up in the house. the clear quality of them.

            but I suppose the ease of ripping them Is the reason I don't buy them anymore. they would get ripped once and then filed


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              Depends on the music really I have a lot of 90 dance/IDM/ambient on CD, odd private press jobs and comps but then I have them digitally too so I don't know why I keep them, I just like owning them I suppose. I prefer a nice digipack personally.

              It depends on the length of the music in some cases as I don't want to have to constantly turn over and swap records on an 80 minute ambient piece which is meant to play as one track and I have no desire in a lot of cases to own that sort of thing on vinyl. I think with most genres of popular music 39 minutes is the perfect length for an album.

              The great thing about them especially in these current times is they are dirt cheap.
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                I do - from the artist direct after a gig! Not many do vinyl and the humble cd is a good way for them to get their wares out there.
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                  I still buy the odd CD - mainly stuff that's only released on CD, and also mainly at gigs straight from the artist.

                  But I find myself hardly ever playing them. They get ripped and filed away.

                  Apparently that's partly the deal with cassettes now - it's basically a way of selling someone a download for a fiver after your gig!


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                    cassettes are odd. not sure why they came back. they were crap at the time.
                    but if kids want them, who am I to question it.

                    I didn't think of the download with a cassette at a gig. that's a good idea


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                      I never used to like CDs either, but I sort of do now, compared to mp3s etc. and new faulty and overpriced vinyl. I buy CD's of music made in the 90s or later. Paul-K, the clearness of the CD sound I find just annoying if that's not the sound of the original recording. I can't listen to 70s Sabbath on CD. It just sounds wrong.

                      I never gave up on cassettes. They can sound great on a good deck.
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                        nuff said. Cds just dont fit the bill.

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                          Paul K! CD's are not worthless! Once ripped to mp3, yes they can be played on your phone /at home on hi-fi...but keep the cd's for usage when playing on large systems/radio broadcasts...wav files are the way!


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                            CDs probably good for some classical - long tracks, very quiet bits, etc. Much like ambient.

                            Loss of quality on CDs, mind! I've noticed that a couple of Warner Bros issues have developed issues.


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                              I buy plenty of CDs mostly classical or newer jazz. I can't say I ever rip any of them I just listen to them as CDs, generally when I'm cooking. If I've got a record on in the next room, loud enough so I can hear it, you can bet your life that just as it reaches the end of a side the cat will come in meowing for food, the 'phone will go, a pan will be about to boil over... Never fails. So for cooking it's CDs all the way. They're also bloody cheap- I hardly ever buy a new one and second hand can be picked up for nothing, like videos.
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