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Rekkid looks fucked, only one jump! WTF?

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  • Rekkid looks fucked, only one jump! WTF?

    So, yesterday I got a call from a friend, says he’s got a load of records in his truck and do I want to have a look at them.

    Long story short, I took the lot. The price was very good.

    About 400 7”, 10 LPs, 8 of which were baby songs (Japanese baby song collectors, please contact me ASAP before I frisbee them, or try to give them to family members here)

    Among those remaining 2 LPs one was a Ventures LP seemingly scratched to fuck, but I thought, let’s give the Knosti cleaner a real test.

    Played it just now. 1 jump! How does that happen when the disc looks trashed? And stuff I’ve bought that looks minty jumps 4 or 5 times. I’m bewildered.

    It's happened to me many times.

    So, I’m not a huge Ventures fan but it was OK to listen to and I’m pretty certain no one would ever want to buy it. I’m glad I cleaned it and listened to it. It would have been nicer if it had been an Electric Prunes LP but that’ll happen next year.

    When you look at a rekkid and it looks perfect but jumps, do you just have to accept that it might be a pressing fault?
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    US sixties vinyl is the shit.
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      Or it could be your deck/needle or even cleaning technique or lack of.
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        Old mono LPs that look really skatey can sometimes play really nicely. No really sure why this should be... a simpler groove pattern?


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          Originally posted by Cacapo View Post
          US sixties vinyl is the shit.
          What he said ^ ^ ^

          I often find US 45s that are VG- or even G play through just fine

          Like a lot of things, stuff was made better in the old days


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            Yep, go figure. I'm sure it's a combination of a lot of factors.

            Using the Knosti I bought recently, I've finally started get some good results, but on some records, even though they look perfect, still a skip or two.

            But it's the ones that look completely shagged, but play so well, that fascinate me.

            People seem to think that Japanese pressed records are among the best. I'm not really sure myself, but on this evidence, I'm beginning to warm to that opinion.
            "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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              Yeah, that's always fascinating.
              The 60s totally wrecked record with criss-cross marks that plays with just a little noise after cleaning
              The minty looking 80s record that has just a little mark (which you never saw in the first place) making it skip or at least pop horribly

              Pops/skips/noise always seem to be the most prominent at the start of first track. Result of bad cueing technique, or handling records with dirty fingers?
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                I have a mint looking James Brown LP, Do the Popcorn, yet when I play it all I hear is a frying pan on full blast. Annoying AF!

                I do have some rough looking records from the 60's, some Japanese ones, and they play superbly. Most notably my copy of Sharp Five - Japanese Pops Golden Hits


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                  I played 'Val Stoecklein - Grey Life' for the first time today, lovely album, tinged with sadness if overproduced but I kind of like that but that's beside the point. It has a few small scratches but plays through fine except the penultimate track on side 1 that has a jump and stuck groove that is so perfect I sat there for minutes and didn't notice it was looping 1 bar over and over.

                  Tried cleaning but def a deep scratch as it replicates every time.
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                    This Ortofon page mentions how groove width and also groove depth decreased when stereo was introduced. I wonder if it's the deeper groove depth on old LPs that allow them to survive the abuse?