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The Holy Grail — Is it an Ozzy Osbourne acetate??

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  • The Holy Grail — Is it an Ozzy Osbourne acetate??

    Pete Bonner of Psychotron records in Sutton Coldfield posted this amazing find last night....

    Anyone with an interest in Ozzy/Sabbath may want to read the article and give it a listen....

    I know Pete is interested in peoples opinions and any more information that might prove it really has Ozzy singing on it

    Myself, I'm not sure about the voice, but the Harp playing sounds like him to me!

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    Nice story and also good to know that the record survived all these years.
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    "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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      Sounds nothing like Ozzy to my ears ....


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        My guess would be no too. The singer does some vocal mannerisms that I've never heard Ozzy do, not even in the '69 Sabbath live bootleg where they play mostly blues songs.

        Ozzy doesn't say a word about the Prospectors in his autobiography. He does mention a band called Music Machine, later renamed The Approach, and a band he had with Geezer Butler called Rare Breed, which may have had other names also. He also mentions Jimmy Phillips as his mate from school who played bottleneck in Sabbath when they were the Polka Tulk Blues Band, but doesn't mention having been in another band with him earlier.
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          Yeah, and like him or not, but ozzy has a very distinctive voice.

          The voice on the recording sounds nothing like him.

          Not even talking about the singing style, which is also nothing like him.


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            So good story, but that s it I suppose


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              So if it ain't Ozzy, who is it?
              "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."