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Herve Roy - French-Pop on Telemusic

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  • Herve Roy - French-Pop on Telemusic

    Any good? What's a reasonable price?
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    Been outbid on this a few times - very nice - fuzzy guitars, beats and la la laing.
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      Got a Jane Birkin 7" recently produced by Herve Roy, promoting a brand of whisky. Bubblegum, slightly electro-y bouncy pop worth it for the (French one side/English the other) lyrics.
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        Roy is great... He backed a lot of popular singers in the sixties... Later he was involved with Anarchic System / Pop Concerto Orchestra, a French Moog rock outfit... Their albums tend to be a mixed bag but are always worth picking up because they contain at least a few tracks worth holding on to.
        A pal and me are compiling a Best Of sort of CD... Well, uh, nothing 'official', of course...
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