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    Just found out that a good friend of mine has dug up a couple of records for me in Sao Paulo and is sending them my way. A Wilson Simonal and a Milton Banana Trio(don't know the titles yet). He is not a digger so you'll see that this is a very generous gesture on his part.

    So, big ups, mad props etc to the mighty Dave who I imagine will not read this.

    Anyway... he has given me contact details for a store over there and mentioned that there was "heaps of Jorge Ben" at this spot... now here's the rub - Jorge Ben has a huge and varied history that continues to this day - and apparently he sucks now, by the way. So some advice please - which Jorge Ben LPs are recommended?

    Ask Jeeves was not very helpful in this regard.

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    Personally, I've always found the usual rules apply with Brazil as anywhere else, that is '64 - '66 = usually OK of its kind, '67 - '73 = no brainer, '74 - '77 = patchy, anything later you takes your chances...and they rapidly decline of finding anything good.

    There's a good set of reviews of the Ben discog at Slipcue e-zine, part of a pretty vast Brazilian Music guide that's stood me in good stead since I found it...a good start, anyway.

    The guy has his tastes, which are a bit 'worldier' than mine go, but he's pretty reliable, I reckon. The whole site gets pretty encyclopaedic, too...
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