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    Why is it that whenever I find a copy of 'Basket of Light' it's always more expensive than the last one I found? This time £22 I regret not forking out for the exorbitant £8 copy a couple of years back. Maybe when the folk funk boom is over it'll come down again.

    Does anyone here say 'Nah ... I'm bound to find a cheaper copy elsewhere' of a record they want and actually do? I'm a firm believer now of grabbing something when I see it. Carpe Deum
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    Originally posted by Mumbles
    I'm a firm believer now of grabbing something when I see it. Carpe Deum
    Agreed! ... after years in exile in the North of England, you so rarely see LP's that you are after - in shops, charidees, booters or otherwise. So, these days, if i see something I want and it tallys with the "price guide in my head" then I'll have it. bonnet de douche Rodney, bonnet de douche...

    (sorry, don't know any latin... apart from records on Fania... )
    If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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      I've got a spare 'Basket of Light' if you're interested. As for the other question, I do hold out if something seems too pricey, and mostly have found it at the price I was after eventually, sometimes through luck (it turns up in a charity/at a boot) and other times just through persistence (keep putting in the same top bid on ebay till I win one, often because the title was misprinted in the auction heading - eg: Dick Hyman's 'Age of Electronics' or Enoch Light's 'Space Out') and other times still by searching around: one LP (seen once, used, for £35 in an MVE shop in London) was eventually found mint & still sealed on a US website for around $12... As long as you're not talking REAL rareties (ie: LPs you're unlikely to see again, full stop) you'll turn them up eventually. Even if it means waiting till the heat goes out of a fad first.
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        Cheers Wayne. I'll PM you after work tonight
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