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  • worst gig???

    this was stupid. i was asked to play some records in a little bar yesterday. it was supposed to be their "jazzevening". it turned out to be anything else than jazzy and "groovy". there were four people, one of them was allready drunken as i started playing my first tune. one left after byrds "fancy free", and one of the two left asked me after 20 minutes if i had something a little more "dixie" and 5 minutes later, if i could play the songs on a lower volume
    i couldn't even take advantage of the free drinks i had, cause i had to drive home by my own in my car! great evening.
    that made me think about two things:
    is there some cool dixie stuff that i should have to avoid such situations in the future???
    and what may the vulture guys worst gigs be like???
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    Worst moment was probably in a nearly empty bar towards the end of the night... a drunk women told me that the son of a dude she was drinking with had just killed himself, and "could I please play something to commemorate that".

    Yikes! "Uh... how 'bout some Kool G Rap?"

    (Ended up playing "I Wish I Knew How It Felt To Be Free" by Cold Blood and then calling it quits)

    Uh, the rest of that gig was okay though.