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  • Ebay question !?

    Just got 3 mails from ebay (supposedly) - the 1'st entitled "Change password confirmation", the 2'nd "Change password hint confirmation" and the 3'rd "urgent message from ebay safeharbor" stating that my password had been reset and that i should go to ebay and create a new one.

    ?? Has anyone else experienced this ? I think it's really suspect and am not too keen on the idea of going and creating a new password if someones set this whole thing up.

    Am i being paranoid ?

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    hi towny,

    i got a suspicious email from ebay earlier today as well - but this one was supposedly telling me i'd won a mercedes car!! but i noticed that it contained quite a few spelling errors etc so smelled a rat a mile off.

    it said something along the lines of "congratulaton! you have won mecedes - the best car!" etc. hmmm.

    i reckon there might be some scam happening... !  


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      You're not being paranoid, there's been some fake emails supposedly coming from ebay recently and a few scams on the go. Best to be cautious. People need to keep an eye out for email viruses too. I've have four or five sent to me in the last 24 hours. They're all just over 140k in size.


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        Cheers fella's, i really hate sad folk who piss around with scams and stuff online - they are spoiling things for 99% of users


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          Towny, I think that there's a bit somehwere in eBay's help pages about identifying kosher eBay pages and emails. That may be of use.

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            I would really beware of the paypal type scams.


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              I&#39;ve seen a few of those too... Just remember neither will ever ask for your password.


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (Nick Cope @ 11 June 2003,13:46)]I&#39;ve seen a few of those too... Just remember neither will ever ask for your password.
                Can I just echo Nick&#39;s advice. PayPal, eBay or any other organisation that you have a (semi) secure online relationship with will *never* ask you for your password in this way.

                Also be very careful when using hyperlinks from emails which appear to be from one of the above organisations. This can be spoofed and while you might think you are logging into PayPal for example, you are just giving your details to a site that *loosk like* PayPal, and compromising your account details.

                If in doubt, go to their sites directly. If you need to make some action to your account, and instructions will be replicated there.
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                  The Mercedes one is clever. You enter your account details at this website:


                  and then enter a code. If you use your Microsoft Passport to sign in it sends you to another fake ebay site that doesn&#39;t seem to be working at the moment.

                  Funnily enough the only thing that contains is that sign in page.


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                    It&#39;s a SCAM. Don&#39;t ever do anything.



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                      i&#39;ve had one of them emails towny, i changed my password, i haven&#39;t had any trouble yet, but i might change it again to be on the safe side, i think i emailed ebay about it, they did reply, i can&#39;t remember what they said, i believe the original email did come from them.
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                        I don&#39;t know if you guys know how to view the Headers of the
                        E-MAIL, but if you do, do it and you&#39;ll see that it doesn&#39;t
                        come from EBAY


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                          hi jack, do you mean the email about changing your password didn&#39;t come from ebay, i&#39;ve changed mine again just in case.
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                            yeah, i&#39;m with u on that one - i&#39;ve changed my password twice today. The worry is that the mail relating to passwords is a scam, so they have been into your account as such does any tech head know if they will have been able to see credit card details etc &#33;&#33;??. I&#39;m useless at all this stuff. I did go to my preferences and went through the motions of changing my CC details and was not able to actually view my current details - there was just an empty form to fill in.

                            Also if anyone could post the exact URL for login to it would be cool. I&#39;m ultra para at the moment and don&#39;t even trust that login. According to ebay it should be -


                            but when i go to login it&#39;s -




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                              Towny, if the address is ***, then you are fine, meaning that would actually be a legitimate address&#33; I&#39;ve not got my credit card details stored on e-bay (didn&#39;t know you could do that), so I can&#39;t answer the other question.

                              If you&#39;re at all worried, just keep an eye on your credit card bills (on-line, preferably). I wouldn&#39;t worry too much. I had someone put a grand on the card (buying domain names at ludicrous prices) and Barclaycard refunded me.

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