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Long Good Friday - Francis Monkman

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  • Long Good Friday - Francis Monkman

    was a proper soundtrack ever released for this film? I loved the Francis Monkman score, lots of nice synths. If no soundtrack exists perhaps someone should re-issue it

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    nevermind, found this bit on the vulture site. i'm blind.

    "70's Kid: An original vinyl copy of 'The Long Good Friday' soundtrack album is valued at £100 in the current edition of the Record Collector price guide, with the limited second issue valued at £175. What are your thoughts on this and can you remember in what sort of quantities the LP sold when it was originally released?

    FM: Well, as you probably know, the original edition was a limited numbered affair. When I realized just how limited it was intended to be, I was not impressed!"

    damn. someone really needs to re-issue this soundtrack again.


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      It was reissued on cd a few years ago. Which might keep you going, until you find a copy for a good price out in digging land...
      Mark GV Taylor


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        I know where there's a copy for about £20 if that's any use?
        "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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          The CD reissue isn't that good - it's taken off a thoroughly knackered vinyl copy, and by the sound of it, it's in mono too.

          I'd like to see a proper reissue too, maybe bolstered with a few of FM's KPM tracks as bonuses - some of the 'Classical Concussion' LP would fit in very nicely, I think.


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            Wonderfully stodgy theme tune. Great synthy bits throughout the film. Pity my video copy's so knackered - must have watched it 100 times.

            Anyone else notice the woman from the "Diamonds Are For Danger" PIF in the film?

            Just me then.