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Potentially silly Siggy Jackson question...

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  • Potentially silly Siggy Jackson question...

    Okay, this might sound stupid, but is the Siggy Jackson who produced lots of reggae/bluebeat etc the same Siggy Jackson who produced lots of Hallmark etc charity shop records?

    Working at the same time, s'all.
    Mixes, compilations and the like

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    I've wondered the same thing, to be honest - I have my suspicions Mr Jackson had a major role in the running of the Windmill label, and I've got reasonable grounds to suspect he may have been involved with the later releases of the Stereo Gold Award label too. I'd love to be able to track him down just to find out if my suspicions are correct!

    I reckon it's the same bloke - however good they are, I can't imaging reggae records paying the mortgage, so stuff like 'Bawdy Barrack-Room Ballads' was probably the bread-and-butter work that helped him produce the music he really wanted to do (on the other hand, he could really have wanted to do Bawdy Barrack-Room Ballads........... )

    Anyone know what he's up to these days, so we can sort this out once and for all?


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      I have a few easy reggae albums with him on vocals and must be the same guy...he does a mean version of chain gang...must remember to try and dig the albums out...
      Country be dyin like poor people do
      Hospitals be closing...doors to me and you (Lopazz - Blood)

      And here's some other stuff that i get up to...


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        He's been actively involved with the (re)re-launch of Bluebeat recently - there was a launch party in London a few weeks ago and he was there apparently (or so my ska spies inform me... )


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          Yeah, his name crops up on later SGA doesn't fact I'm relatively sure there was some kind of cross-over between Windmill and SGA towards the end, perhaps via Siggy.

          Found this: - perhaps contact that site and see if you can get a number or something Lord T. And then tell me what he says.
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