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Herbie plays tuba

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  • Herbie plays tuba

    Caught the 'classic albums' slot on Lou Reed's Transformer on ITV last night, & there was good old Herbie Flowers spilling the beans on how doubling upright & electric bass on 'Walk On The Wildside' meant he doubled his fee, and how he and a bunch of other "wily old session pros" bumped up their fees still more by getting together a bunch of mates to play dixie on 'Goodnight Ladies': I'll long have the image of old Herbie parping away on a big red tuba in my memory...Brilliant stuff.

    Is there anything these guys didn't play on back in the day?
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    Amazing times indeed!, it would also be mnice to think that 'herb would have gotten a percentage of A Tribe Called Quests 'can i kick it?' seeming as his bass line is the whole hook around which that track is based.
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      You'll have heard 'Tuba Smarties' by the fusion-tastic Sky then?
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