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  • A little help for tomorrow

    It's my big bad Birthday, hooray!
    I'm planning to go out tomorrow in the Archway end of Upper street [safe harbour from mullet botherer's and the fashionista] and just wanna know if anybody can offer any help on any bars in the area, including Stoke Newington which lay down some good tunes and plenty of nice atmosphere. Any crumbs of wisdom for this leafy, suburban boy? Nick C, Sermad, etc....?
    I was raised by wolves

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    Pubs on Upper St at the Highbury end... well none of them a brilliant in my book... There's the Bierodrome, if you fancy sampling some interesting German beers - mostly the bars down that way have some pretty nice ladies around them, but the pubs themselves ain't all that...

    When you reach the Kings Head theatre bar, trying slipping down Cross St to Essex Road and pop in the Embassy - that's an alright bar, sometimes they have some good DJs there... I'm not really a major fan of Angel for drinking, aside from the Salmon & Embassy... Waay prefer Stoke Newington - where the people are more real!

    If you venture down Stokie, do pop in The Londsborough (Barbaud Rd, off Albion Rd) I'll be spinning there on Sat 8-12am...


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      Actually, if you're in town Sat eve, you should just go down Stoke Newington anyways, cos it's the Stoke.N festival all weekend - loads of live bands etc - all free...


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        Cheers Nick for the info. The Medicine Bar on Upper St. was where I remained for the entire night [till midnite anyhow] not bad really for a "bar with dj" set up, heard a few decent bits and some mad version excursion for twenty mins. Too bad I did'nt get to check your set, but cheers for the tips anyhow
        I was raised by wolves


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          Too bad indeed, the place was rockin' and had some seeerious lady action to boot!


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            And the boot was what I'd have got if I'd checked out the serious ladeee action as my girlfriend was present!

            But many thanks for the tips, keep us all posted when you're out playing there and I'm sure I'll get down that way, esp as a few mates have just recently abandoned Ealing's leafy lanes for the cop show drama of Stokie! Actually, I dig Stokie but I am of Kingsland Road. Place makes me wanna reach for the soap.
            BTW, anybody here gonna check the gig in Sahara Nights next Saturday with Keb et al.....The girlie room looks good to me though! They always nice up a dance, right?
            I'll stick up the flyer with info on the events board.
            And with no apologies neccessary, I just wanna drop some of these boys in here, thankyou!
            I was raised by wolves