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    Anyone have a date for when the southern library started.

    Just to confirm it was ran by Dennis Berry (of berry music and conroy fame). Did he start it though? <- Changed URL

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    I know this is a rather late addition(!) but yes, Dennis Berry did found and manage the Peer-Southern music library. I'll get you a date as soon as I chat to my grandmother (his widow).


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      Great to have you here, Howard - I'm a big fan of your Grandad's work! I've got a spare copy of the Peter Dennis LP 'Big Band Boogie' on Telefunken if you need it.


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        You know, I find it thrilling to speak to people who have actually heard of my grandfather... The only other people I know are my family, and they don't exactly count!

        I'll check my collection to see what LPs of his I have, and I'll let you know about that spare copy Lord Thames. If I don't already have it, it will certainly be very much appreciated. Thanks!


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          I think it's great that people who are connected with the names on the labels end up finding this place - it's always fascinating to get a bit of background!

          I've got quite a few records Dennis Berry was involved with - a few Peer LPs, two Telefunken LPs and loads of Southern Music 78s, so if there's anything I can help with let me know. The 'Big Band Boogie' one is the only one I've got a spare copy of, though.