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Yowsaah! Big KPM haul!!!

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  • Yowsaah! Big KPM haul!!!

    Hi! My first post here. Vinyl Vulture is one of my favourites on the web and I've been a frequent visitor since back in the early days. Great stuff for a record geek like myself. Keep up the good work, guys!
    I live in Sweden, way up north, am 33 years old and have been collecting vinyl and rare grooves for quite some time now.
    It all started in the early 90s, during the Acid Jazz era, with many visits to London. I discovered Northern Soul and was, later on, thrilled by the whole easy listening/Blow Up-scene. I still listen to a lot of groovy lounge, soundtracks and library music, just can't let it go. There so much to discover.
    Anyway, this brings me to my little question.
    The other week I was lucky enough to find a very nice collection of KPM 1000 series, complete up to nr 1109, mainly with green covers, all in near mint condition.
    I already have some of the records and will only keep four-five of the big pieces (Big Beat nr 1 and nr 2, Speed & Excitement).
    Most of it will be up for sale, probably on Ebay.
    I just wonder how much it could be worth, considering that the 90s "library craze" is over?
    Can anybody help me here?



    (Have the same thread up on

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    In my (very limited) experience, the allure of the green KPM is such that, even if it's total pants but carries the name Hawkshaw, Bennet, Mansfield, Snell or Dale, you'll still get over a fiver a pop.

    Why not do some trading on this forum, you'll probably end up with far more interesting stuff?
    Club stuff:




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      Hi Alfons,

      I'm looking for copies of 1059 & 1060 if your interested in trading for something! If so, let me know what kind of stuff your after (funk, soul, jazz, lounge, brazilian)

      Bye the way, welcome along to the wonderful world of V.V.
      Mark GV Taylor