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Burt Bacharach: Happy 77th Birthday!

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  • Burt Bacharach: Happy 77th Birthday!

    It seems a shame to only 'big-up' genius when it's gone.... so happy birthday to Burt on his 77th birthday who is in my humble opinion THE main man of 20th century songwriting.

    Where would 'Ample Samplers' be without him?? Some faves of mine

    Something Big & South American Getaway - Burt Bacharach
    I Say A Little Prayer - Augusto Alonso
    Look of Love - Arthur Fiedler

    One genius who's definitely NOT overrated.
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    One of the best from the 20th century. I can never get tired of listening to Burt tunes, pure class. I need to try and see him in concert before it's too late. Has anyone on here ever had the pleasure of seeing him in concert?
    Mark GV Taylor


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      Not denying his genius but...

      ..he does insist on 'singing' live. I only have a live album from the late 70s or so but his voice was totally shot then. He did have a chorus backing him up and taking the high notes, but still. All I mean is that he wouldn't be top of my live performers I have to see list. I still love his stuff though.


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        I saw him at the Royal Festival Hall back in, ooh, the mid-1990s. It was the night after Noel Gallager had joined him onstage for a mauling of 'This Guy's In Love With You', so perhaps it was as well to be spared that.

        But what can I say? It was fantastic. His stuff is 'timeless' in the best sense of the word - no fretting over dodgy synths or whatever, just one gorgeous song after another. Walking along the Thames afterwards my head was absolutely full of melody in a way that I don't think it ever has been after a gig before or since. Stop me if I get too sentimental!

        Anyway, absolutely right to wish the fella a happy birthday and dwell on his genius - and I think we really should call him that, not forgetting Hal David's contributions to the songs, of course - while he's still around. He's got a new album coming out soon, hasn't he? The first solo effort since 'Futures' in 1976.
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          He knocked out a few good tunes, certainly - though I think other people tend to do better versions of them than he does!

          Personal faves:
          Wives and Lovers - Howard Blake
          Do You Know The Way To San Jose - Chaquito
          Bond Street - Enoch Light
          I Say A Little Prayer - Augusto Alguero

          ...and there was a really good funky version of 'This Guy's In Love With You' I heard on Radio 2 a few years back (when it played decent music) by Johnny Gregory - I don't know whether this was an LP or a BBC recording, but I'd love to track it down, as I only taped a little bit of it!