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God I Love being on Holiday Part 6

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  • God I Love being on Holiday Part 6

    Well the holiday is nearly over but the records are still coming thick and fast. Todays finds:

    Melanie - Candles in the Rain (£18 record)

    Comp. - The Exciting World of Transatlantic - (Comp of British folk. Anyone know the value of this??)

    The World of TV Themes - Version of Magpie (Double)

    Eric Winstone - Supersonic Sounds - (Hacienda Happenings is a great track - Double)

    Various - Electro vol 4 (Classic!! Double)

    Don Kirshner Cuts Hair - Pete Rock style breaks (according to Ebay!!) Double

    Nanette - Nanette (£20 lp)

    Wilma Reading - Take a Closer Look at (Cool version of Keep the Faith - Double)

    Smiths promo flexi 45 - Rhythm and Crunch - I'm sure I saw Matt and Rich rocking doubles of this at the last Lords meet!!

    Jacques Loussier - Ballet Photo Rouge 45 -The best track from the soundtrack You Only Love Once. I've found this 45 twice now in the same shop. E -Man, is this 45 rare?? (Double)

    John Dankworth -Telford's Change 45 - Excellent, brooding funky flute 45 (Double)

    Godiego - Monkey - Beautiful copy in picture sleeve (Double)

    Bullet - The Hanged Man - Original lp on Contour, I've got the reissue already, not sure which copy to keep. What's the original going for on the Bay now??

    This could well be the last in this exciting series.

    Keep 'em peeled for my half term break!!


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    I like the sound of the johnny dankworth sir!! can you put my name on it?
    We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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      any requests for the Godeigo 'Monkey' 7"?
      a giant steam-powered turntable in warwickshire plays six foot cement recordings of Prince Albert's speeches to the rejoicing populace


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        The other great thing about being on holiday is going back to work after three weeks away and finding a huge pile of records from Ebay waiting for you:

        Plus - Plus (Awesome belgian funk jazz in a similar vein to Placebo, some say even better?)

        Hank Bagby Soultet - Opus One (Quality jazz, nice!)

        Ceasar Frazier - 75 - (Great funky Westbound business)

        James Moody - Comin' on Strong

        Songs from the Electric Company (Beatnuts Breaks)

        Galt McDermot - First Natural Hair Band (Ripped Open...)

        Faces of Jazz - Meditation

        Rare Earth - Dreams and Answers

        Mombasa - African Rhythm and Blues 2

        Pete Yellin - It's the Right Thing

        Aesops Fables - Pickin' up the Pieces

        Clarence Smith - Whatever Happened to Love

        Boozy - Boozy (Funky Dutch stuff)

        Victims of Chance - Victims of Chance (Great funky psych)

        and found these two in my local charity this morning

        Julie Driscol - Open
        The Guess Who - American Women


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] ]Quote: from llmod1 on 2:15 pm on April 23, 2003

          Victims of Chance - Victims of Chance (Great funky psych)

          <span =''>

          Again I say, 'Ouch!'

          I posted up my comment on Soulstrut about this one.