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    Anyone catch the end of an entertaining Match Of The Day Last night? ( for neutrals anyway ) They played out with a song which I'm sure sampled An Elephant Called Slowly which I've not heard before. It's better than having bloody U2 again.
    This is a cue for someone to post that link up where it lists all the music played on BBC programmes.
    Back to Neuuuuuuuuuu!

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    You could try this:


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      I can't work out the BBC sometimes. They really do manage to wind me up rotten far too often!

      LBG posts up a link that provides a pretty helpful list of tracks used by the beeb for that programme and rightly so.
      Yet a few times in the past I have contacted the "Holiday Programme" to ask for a list of tracks used for a particular episode (which turned out to be used near enough every week anyway) and they got back to me very abruptly, only to tell me that "it is not part of the production paperwork, therefore not available to the public"
      When i complained further, i was told by the BBC that they put the licence payers money into cutting edge TV programming etc. (more like ads for freeview and digital & tired re runs of the "good life" etc) and they don't have the resources to provide the public with info regarding the incidental music that they use. It's obvious the BBC outlook is an elitist one but how does one obtain info on music that was used 2 or more years ago? The PRS were not much help btw! errrrr ...i might have to pull the BBC up on their double standards!!
      "Its not punishment they need, Its gunishment"


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        I think details of all music used in BBC productions are held in the broadcast logs at the Written Archives Centre in Caversham - a very valuable resource, where you can find out what records were played in a 1965 Juke Box Jury, or which library tracks were used to fill breakdowns.

        As far as I'm aware they still do keep logs like that - I'm not sure how you get access to them (but I know people who do...... )


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          How about that! There's always an answer for everything!......thankfully!

          If only the beeb were as tuned in as vultures eh!?! ........
          "Its not punishment they need, Its gunishment"