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    C'mon folks ! what can't you get off the turntable ? whats battering your Prawns this week ?

    My bedroom raves at the mo -

    The James gang - Yadig?
    Janie - Psycho
    Niagara - Sangandongo
    Milton Nascimento - Para Lennon e McCartney
    Fantasy Three - Biters in the city
    Lorraine Ellison - Do better then you're doin'
    Dom um Romao - Escravos de Jo
    Tony lee - Reach up
    Jimmy Castor Bunch - When?
    Dillinger - WoodWoodpecker
    Jimmy Smith - Burning Spear
    Pete Jolly - Plummer Park
    a load of other stuff thats none of your business !

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    Records you say?

    What's all this?

    Er.....well I've had a bit of luck buying second hand Hip Hop so mine is mostly made up of that and some new things:

    Old(er) stuff:

    Jacksoul - Unconditional Love (Jinxx)
    Ace soul tune from '94

    Kamaal The Abstract - Album Sampler (Arista)
    Previously only had the bootleg of the whole LP, so it was nice to get the official EP out of a box of 90's jiggy Hip Hop promos.

    Showbiz & AG - Fat Pockets radio remix (Payday)
    The Flavor Unit MCs - Roll Wit Tha Flava (Epic)
    Common Sense - Soul By The Pound (Relativity)
    3 x great early 90's Hip Hop 12"s

    Archie Whitewater - Archie Whitewater (Cadet Concept)
    Cross Country sounds lovely in the summer!

    New(er) stuff:

    Dwele - Subject (Virgin)
    At last! After years it gets an official release. Solid LP IMO

    Sara Devine - The Truth (Columbia)
    Great new soulful r&b release. Yikes did I mention r&b on this site!

    Georg Levin - I Got Somebody New (Sonar Kollektiv)
    I missed this when it came out late last year, so I was glad to get this last week.
    He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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      OK - I'll play;

      Styles of Bobby Day - "Your love"
      The Horn Band - "Pink styrofoam"
      Rhetta Hughes - "What are you doing with her"
      The Power Pac - "I feel good"
      Pamoja - "Ooh baby"
      Future Loop Foundation - whole album
      J-Boogie - whole album
      Hightower Set - "Dark triangle" (still listening to make sure it's perfect, y'know )
      Lucille Spann - "Woman's Lib"
      Fenton Robinson - "You don't know what love is"
      Visit Venus - whole album from 1995
      Lascelles - "One Two"
      J-Walk - "Another lover - RJD2 remix"

      That'll do for now.


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        What's on my SL1210 at the moment -

        Laurie Johnson - 'Synthesis'
        Gerry Butler - 'It's All In The Beat'
        Wim Overgaauw/Rogier van Otterloo - 'Nuages'
        Themes International - 'Pulse Of Events'
        Tony Osborne - 'Top TV Themes'


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          I'm listening to the City of God OST - Amazing film about kids in the favela's of Rio.

          The score is full of comedy jazz funk, latin folk, batacuda and a cover of a zannini track!

          The only criminal thing is that it wasn't released on vinyl.  

          All on the playlist is 'The Farm' - Innermost limits of pure fun. This an OST to an australian surf film - full of psychy rock, hammmond and just plain madness. Its a bit good.
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            All I&#39;m gonna say is... YOU LUCKY BUGGERS &#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

            At 5am on Tuesday morning, a f*ck-off huge bolt of lightning hit my neighbours house and subsequently destroyed my Technics amp, CD player, sound processor and tapedeck.

            OK, I can claim on the old insurance like, but it means I&#39;m now without tunes for a couple of weeks and will get a kicking from some of Darlo Massive for not providing this weekends party with the necessary C90 mix &#33;

            ...  will get some    action on my scrawny ass &#33;&#33;

            BUT&#33; one lucky break - the 1210&#39;s and the fancy-pants Numark mixer are all working OK... phew&#33; OK, I can listen to records through the headphones, but it ain&#39;t gonna be much good when Towny Boy cruises &#39;round on his Pimp-Racer tonight for our usual Thursday nite beer-chuggathon &#33;&#33;

            If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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              At the moment I&#39;m listenning to:

              Close to you -James Last
              Love Story OST
              Etude in form of r&#39;n&#39;b -Paul Mauriat
              Sambafrique -Nick Holder
              Time to make a break now -Frank Duval
              The Gimmicks -California Soul
              Sort of soul -Birds&#39;n Brass
              Float On -Floaters
              Johnny Griffiths Inc. -Graham Central Station


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                CD of Mondo Candido by Riz Ortolani - sadly I&#39;m at work and am glad the PC comes equipped with a CD drive. Doubt they&#39;d take kindly if I asked for a turntable....
                Enthusiastic vagueness passes for scholarship in the twilight world of the disc-jockey.

                John Peel


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                  on the turntables we have ....

                  Hell up in harlem OST
                  nina simone - ain&#39;t got no-i got life
                  jurassic 5 - a day at the races
                  mikis theodorakis - on the streets
                  james brown &amp; the famous flames - bring it up
                  joe quarterman &amp; free soul - the way they do my life
                  johnnie taylor - take care of your homework
                  the soul searchers - we the poeple
                  syl johnson - ode to soul man
                  Dj Format - whole lp

                  that&#39;ll do.
                  Whats you&#39;re style ?


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                    Only one record on my turntable today..
                    Bingo Miki - Scandinavian Suite TBM
                    I get goosebumps by listening to the &quot;children at play&quot; track ..


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                      Assignment London-De Wolfe 10 inch


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                        It&#39;s nice to listen to a few tunes after a while without any hi fi
                        (due to a small fire chez &#39;child) , still, we get up dust ourselves down and get on with it. so a few peices making life a bit more bearable this week are-
                        Ian Dury and the Blockheads-Do it yourself lp
                        Christian klein-the Firn ep (city centre offices,straight outta manchester)
                        Underground Resistance-Transition 12&quot;
                        KMD-Mr Hood lp (legendary hip hop trio,early nineties-superb&#33
                        Quasimoto-The unseen lp (Madlib genius).
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                          had a party last weekend, and the vinyl is still all over the place.

                          most recent spins have been:

                          big records, small holes:
                          wally richardson: senor boogaloo (prestige)
                          jon lucien: the ghetto song (rca)
                          the aquarians: bayu bayu (uni)
                          aguabella: desire (epsilon)
                          sail joia: go for the others (phillips)
                          meireles: kriola/ na baixa do sapateiro (emi odeon)
                          maxine brown: see and don&#39;t see (commonwealth)
                          kim weston: soul on fire/ brothers and sisters (volt)
                          jimmy mcgriff: please don&#39;t take me out (groove merchant)

                          and a new-ish one:
                          bad plus: smells like teen spirit (white label). quality modal jazz version of the nirvana plodder.

                          small records big holes:
                          lee fields: the bull is coming (angle 7)
                          pat hunt: super cool (early bird)
                          mary holmes: soul brother (nassau)
                          ikettes: two timing double dealing/ just not ready for love (UA)
                          joyce williams: first thing i do in the morning (nickel)
                          elsie mae: do you really want to rescue me (king)
                          gloria jones: tainted love (champion)

                          and i&#39;ve been staring a lot at the ruth copeland sleeve too. must get out more.


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                            Originally posted by [b
                            Quote[/b] (jammin @ 19 June 2003,16:42)]on the turntables we have ....

                            nina simone - ain&#39;t got no-i got life
                            that&#39;ll do.  
                            I think somebody saw the documentary on Ned3 yesterday night?

                            What a woman


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                              Originally posted by [b
                              Quote[/b] (sermad @ 19 June 2003,11:53)]I&#39;m listening to the City of God OST - Amazing film about kids in the favela&#39;s of Rio.
                              Did you see the movie ? It&#39;s a really great one.
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