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  • Paypal query

    I've just refunded someone the cash they'd paid me for a record on ebay as they (slightly dubiously but c'est la vie) weren't happy. The person is now sending me a money request as he says the money I've paid him will be returned to my account if I don't accept it. This sounds a bit weird to me and has never happened before. The bloke is from France so perhaps that explains it. Or perhaps it doesn't.

    Anyway, could someone shed some light on this? Is he on the level?

    This is the email he sent me when I asked him to explain...

    "Yes i have received the 9.51£, but i must send a request to you for complete the transaction. Or the money will be resend to the owner, if i don't send this request before 9 June 2005.
    I think you don't ned to do something else.
    (But i have send 2 requests by error, so ignore or cancel one).

    From Paypal Mail:

    "Le 10 mai 2005, vous avez reçu 9.51 GBP de la part de
    [me]. Si vous ne réclamez pas votre paiement d'ici le 9
    jun 2005, celui-ci est annulé et l'argent est renvoyé sur le compte de

    "The 10 may 2005, you have recevied 9.51£ from
    [me]. If you don't request/ask your payment before the 9
    june 2005, this one will be cancelled and the money will be resend on the account of
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    I've returned money before without having to have a request... seems odd to me.

    Maybe there's a difference between a 'refund' and just sending a member some dosh, if you give in to this guys request then surely he'll have 2 lots of dosh off you?

    I'd leave it until it returns to you (as he claims) and then send him the money in a non-refund manner.
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      I've refunded money countless times (usually down to people paying too much or too little) and I've never had this. Definitely dodgy. If the money has left your PayPal account and gone into his then he's got his money. Instead of waiting I'd email PayPal and see what they say. Definitely don't do whay he asks. I'm guessing he's trying to scam more money out of you.


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        i'd agree with above comments - sounds odd to say the least.'ve refunded paypal payments in the past and never encountered a compulsary request form....the guy may have to 'accept' the refund by clicking something but he definately shouldn't need to send a request...if your paypal account page shows that the money has gone out to him then just sit'll hear direct from paypal if there is a problem....


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          On your main Paypal page, look to the right of your transaction. If it says, "completed" then the money has gone into his account without any hassle.

          If the money does for some bizzarre reason come back to your account (and ONLY if it does come back), instead of sending the money back, click "refund" (used to be at the bottom of the transaction page & probably still is). This way, you get the paypal fee returned to your account.
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            Cheers gents, that's what I thought. I'd already checked if it had 'completed' (which it had). I also deliberately did a normal payment rather than a refund as I figured it would be easier.

            It's not even a request form of any kind, its just a normal invoice. I just wanted to check. Careful.
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              Originally posted by Little Jimmy Oddman
              Cheers gents, that's what I thought. I'd already checked if it had 'completed' (which it had). I also deliberately did a normal payment rather than a refund as I figured it would be easier.
              One thing I'd ask is that, if he's made a payment to you and you've made a normal payment back to him, you've both incurred PayPal fees and lost out, as it were? If you refuse his payment or refund it, would that avoid giving PayPal their pound of flesh? Could this be what the buyer's getting at?
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                Yeah, I thought it might be something like that but I don't think so. I just think he's trying it on.
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                  speakin of paypal..

                  a friend of mine seems intent on buying an expensive record through a dodgy sounding seller. does anyone know if paypal offer any cover if the seller never ships his record? he wont be buying thorugh ebay or any other shop, just sending him cash..