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  • Brilo report: june 03

    June's Brillo was a little belated, due to a seven-day delay, which may account for a slightly reduced turnout but it certainly wasn't quieter as a result, quite the contrary, as several jeers during the voting session almost caused the limiter to cut the juice!

    The mood was set with a bit of controversy - Hip Hop on a Brillo night? Yes indeedy! Just to quell concerns that it's all obscurities and funk... Thankfully things settled down, a CD player was fetched and an old man helped across the street before Greg played a couple too, including some of his own compositions before the first session of shortlisting the nominated tracks for 'Black Cabs & London Fog' began.

    As many already know, each contributor puts up three tracks - they have to be British and they have to be good! - most were already burnt on an unmarked CD to help keep things secret, a couple more CDs 'mysteriously' appeared on the bassbin and a few Brilloites brought their choices on vinyl.

    A brief show of hands after each batch of three tunes sorted the shortlisting quickly and efficiently, except for Sermad's ongoing confusion as to what was going on - in general that is...

    There were a few split decisions and close second choices for tunes too good to get turfed out so quickly, so expect a bit more voting in July to settle the matter - which also gives a little more time for those unable to get the tracks in to, well, get their tracks in!

    Several of the nominated tracks will get an airing on Jonny Trunk's OST show on Resonance FM 104.4 FM or  this Sat 4:30-6:30pm GMT - which we've basically hijacked in the name of Brillo, not really.  Needless to say, all the tracks and the identities of who contributed them remain top secret, so don't ask!

    So without further ado, except to say that I saw an outsider in the corner tapping his feet all night, lets get to the playlist...

    Not everyone got their playlist in at time of posting (Fryer, your're crap) but it pretty much went like this:

    Nick's quick intro tone-setter

    Showbiz & AG - Diggin' in the Crates - Payday (Jap) 12"
    Beatnuts - Get Funky (remix) - Relativity 12"
    Ultimate Force - I'm Not Playing - Uni 12"

    Quick few from Greg Belson But I dunno what they were

    Voting tracks are still top secret at this time, though the ones that made it so far can be heard again on Resonance FM 104.4 FM or  this Sat at 4:30-6:30pm - as part of a fill-in for Jonny Trunk's OST show

    Although no names were called for the tracks voted on, I am authorised to tell you is that the interlude tracks used during the voting were:
    The Returners - Long Road Back - Ebonite EP
    The Returners - It Seems That Way - Ebonite EP

    Orquestra Sammy Walker - Bailando con alma
    Rafael Ferro - Ferro Y Gato
    Air - Baby I Don't Know Where Love
    Jay Berliner - Getting the Message
    The Overton Berry Ensemble - Superstar
    Port Authority Soul Band - Hold On
    Gustav Brom - If Only
    Odyssey - Battened Ships

    Greg Belson

    Joey Gregorash - Down by the river
    Buddy Fite - Evil ways
    The G.T.'s - Watoosi Lucy
    Malone & Barnes - Road man
    Jon Bartel Thing - Freak show
    Chuck Bridges & the LA Happening - Girl wanted
    Bobby Patterson - How do you spell love
    Spider Martin - Uh-ah
    William Odell Hughes - Super-funk-a-ga-listic freak
    Myrth - Mythaderia
    Wilbert Harrison - Soul rattler
    Hightower Set - More green
    Hightower Set - Dark triangle

    Fryer Motherfunk

    Si Cheeba
    Nyphe - Roland Kovac (Selecetd Sound)
    Se Quiser Valer - Antonio Carlos & Jocafi (RCA Brazil)
    Hallelujah - Frank Ferrer (Blue Candle)
    Soul Walk - The Turnarounds (Tangerine)
    98 Cents + tax - Detroit City Limits (Okeh)
    The Love I Need - Frank Butler (JV)
    Soul Time pt1 - The Packers (Tangerine)
    More Funky Music - All Souls Magnificent People (Soul Prolific)
    It's Your Thing - Lloyd Price Orchestra (Llyod Price's Turntable)
    Wind The Clock - Chris Kenner (Instant)
    The Hold Bag - The BG Soul Brothers (Estill)


    Marie "Queenie" Lyons - Drown In My Own Tears - Deluxe 45
    Alvin Cash - The Getaway - Chess 45
    Alvin Cash - Stone Thing pt2 - Westbound 45
    Jade - Paper Man - Pesante 45
    Hot Chocolate - Good For The Gander - Cleveland 45
    James Brown - Talkin' Loud & Saying Nothin' pt1 (fuzz guitar vers) - King 45
    Johnny Jones - Purple Haze - Cream 45
    Gran Am - Get High - J'ace 45
    Smokey Johnson & Company - The Funkie Moon - Intrepid 45
    Juggy - Oily - Sue 45
    The Electric Indian - Keem-O-Sabe - U.A 45
    Gordon Staples - Strung Out - Motown 45
    James Mason - Sweet Power, Your Embrace - Chiaroscuro 45

    Colin is Little Barrie's manager, who had popped in to check out the venue for a gig. He took one look at all the vinyl on display and popped back to his gaf to get his 45 box! I believe some nice trades were made - here's most of what he played...
    Brian Auger  - Inner City Blues
    The Showmen Inc - The Tramp (From Funky Broadway) - Now 45
    BB King - Philidelphia
    Julian Covey - A Little Bit Hurt
    The Gaturs - Gatur Bait - Gatur 45
    Julian Covey - Sweet Bacon

    Someone played here, can't remember who, but after this point, it was getting late and people were scarpering, so Nick.C had to step up!

    Nick.C A quick couple before Bongolia was ready for his set...
    Bill Doggett - Honky Tonk - King 45
    Serge Gainsbourg - La Horse - Cinemix promo 10"
    Michel Legrand - The Boston Wrangler - UA LP
    Mr Bloe - Land Of A Thousand Dances - Old Gold 45

    Arthur Lyman - The (Jungle) Cat - [Lyman '66]
    Cal Tjader - Bei Mir Bist du Schoen - [Tjader Plays Mambo]
    Martin Denny - On Green Dolphin Street - [Latin Village]
    Walter Wanderley - Kee Ka Roo - [Kee Ka Roo]
    Joe Cain - Kenyatta - [Latin Explosion]
    Senor Coconut - Negra Mi Chachacha - [Fiesta Songs]
    Roland Kirk - Walk On By - [Slightly Latin]
    Tom Jones - Right Place Wrong Time - [Somethin' 'Bout You Baby I Like]