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  • Ghana Highlife Question

    Any know much about this?

    I picked up a 7" on Ghana's Ambassador label, it's Happy Brothers Guitar Band doing "Maye Wo Deeben?" and "Dabi Meye Yie". Lovely condition and heavy vinyl, but can't find a thing about this anywhere google etc. It's pretty good too, not heavy by any means but cheerful and kinda funky too. Any info is most appreciated!

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    I don't know too much about highife but the Ambassador label was one of the biggest labels in Ghana...

    I don't know that particular song but Im pretty sure I have seen some different titles by them when I was in Ghana.

    If I remember right which don't happen that often then the Ambassador label comes from Kumasi which is the 2nd largest city in Ghana.

    Ifs, ands and maybes

    Sorry I couldn't help more,



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      some great stuff on this label.....particular favourites are Kakaiku's Guitar and No.2 Band....Dress is right....the label was based in Kumasi.
      A nice find.......occaisonally these records turn up in the u.k. but are often in poor condition.....hilife is largely ignored by most afro collectors.....everyone wants afrobeat and funk....!!


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        thanks guys, yes I was pretty surprised at the find. most of the other Ghanan records I've come across have been University studies of tribal drumming etc, I'm quite a fan of the highlife sound too,, so not a bad 25p investment all in all.