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Stop Wearing That Vinyl Out

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  • Stop Wearing That Vinyl Out

    Every time you play a record you are are wearing it out. The only way to stop this is to stop playing it OR buy one of these :-

    The Only Solution

    At only £10,000, best get saving
    Vinyl Sales are outstripping CD Sales 10000 to 1

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    A bugger to scratch with though.


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      amazing....though it's basically going to sound the same as a cd isn't it?
      still amazing though...


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        i remember seeing one of these on Tomorrows World when i was about 11 and going Apeshit about it!!!! It was a prototype and i thought it must have been superceded and forgotten about when a few years later the dreaded Compact Discs systems were hawked as being the future
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          crazy! and it looks like fresh out michael knights car!
          Autobahn vas ein Monster: here she is, mit 7 others


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            Please can I put an early request in to Santa for this laser machine...
            Mark GV Taylor



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              Well, they do bung in a £475 record cleaner as a sweetener! And I notice the top of the range model plays 8", 9" and 11" discs as well as those of more orthodox dimensions. What the hell are these, then?
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                i've seen 8" releases om melodiya (ex soviet state label) and i have a 8 or 9" 78 rpm record with crappy christian music on it. hoped it would a recording of some spoken word for sampling


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                  Well I never. Still not sure the ability to play 11-inchers will persuade me to part with the readies, though!

                  Perhaps the next Licorice Soul release could be on a non-standard format? That'd get them drooling in clubland. . .not to mention the staff in HMV Oxford Street wondering which rack to put them in!
                  The Pop Music Library