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  • Dancehall recomendations?

    I've been finding myself enjoying a fair bit of the the recent Dancehall stuff I've heard and due to the fact that I know nothing about Reggae post 1979 I'm after a few tips on what I should be seeking out.

    To be perfectly honest I'm not even sure if Dancehall is the correct description of what I'm after. For example I really liked the Supacat track on the current Scratch Perverts comp (and the London Posse track too), I love "Under Mi Sleng Teng" by Wayne Smith - it's that sort of thing I mean - loads of toasting (the more unintelligable the better), massive basslines (electronic preferably) and nice drum patterns.

    Apologies if this is totally nonsensical

    Any info much appreciated
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    yeah, 'dancehall's the term...

    in late 85/early 86 it went electronic with 'Sleng Teng' with one of the first rhythms in the new style. 'ragga' is a UK term for digital dancehall, normally the harder stuff.

    for the digital stuff there are some good comps like 'Firehouse Revolution' of King Tubby's Firehouse, Waterhouse and Taurus labels, and 'The Rhythm King' for Jammy's. both have an outstanding selection on, the former is pressed v quietly though on a single disc (grrr&#33. second has Johnny Osborne 'Chain Grabber' which is one of my favourites.

    there's also the Honest Jon's 'Watch How the People Dancing' which has some v nice tracks from Unity sounds, but it all sounds too similar. is great for looking stuff up too, like finding stuff on the same rhythm.

    for a quick way of getting into more recent stuff the Greensleeves Ragga Anthems 1999, 2000, etc cds are excellent.


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      fin's the man to answer this one really, if he's still around?


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        The old early 80s school of Dillinger (cocaine), Mad Professor (more dub, but some overlaps with dancehall like on the 'vs space invaders' set), Yellowman & Eek-a-mouse (wa-do-dem) shouldn't be overlooked...

        Having reviewed some of the recent stuff (mostly on Greensleeves, much of it via Philip 'Fats' Burrell's X-Terminator Productions) a couple I've enjoyed personally are Elephant Man (Log On) & Ward 21 ('Grimey' - imagine Mission Impossible riffed up by Barry Adamson & Shabba Ranks & you're pretty much there).

        There's a strong set of instrumental dancehall tunes - basically the basslines & stuff without toasts - put out on Mo'Wax, too, but I can't remember the title. Sizzla is more rootsy, others (like Mr Vegas) more on the R&B tip. I'm no expert, & these are a few I've come across & liked: sure there are lots of others out there...

        Talking of the poppier end, Shaggy's 'Boombastic' Lp has its moments, too - though more in the funky reggae camp (that'd be very camp, there) than harder, 'proper' electro dancehall...
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          the new soul jazz 'nice up the dance' collection looks pretty good too.
          We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (wayne @ 20 June 2003,15:05)]There's a strong set of instrumental dancehall tunes - basically the basslines & stuff without toasts - put out on Mo'Wax, too, but I can't remember the title.
            the title's "now thing" on mo-wax. i've got it somewhere. good stuff indeed!

            also, a couple of favourites of mine:

            merciless - "man confuse"
            chuck fender - "gal dem wining"

            both tunes from back in '96.


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              re: Sizzla - the first four albums on Greensleeves are excellent, ('Black Woman and child', 'Royal Son of Ethopia', 'Bobo Ashanti' and 'Rastafari Teach I Everything'- the 2nd,3rd and 4th are all Philip Burrell Xterminator productions). his more recent albums have a more hip-hop sound which i don't like so much. his sevens recently have been on poppier sounding rhythms, rather than the roots stuff.


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                Thanks for the info guys - guess I'm off out shopping tomorrow!

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