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  • Ofege....

    Hello folks,

    I have two copies of Ofege "try and love" on EMI. Both are printed in Ghana and have the same sleeve but the records have a different colour label. One is a red EMI and the other is a black EMI. The writing on the label looks the same but they have a different copyright control #. The red one has # 11167777 and the black one has # 147648

    They both have cat. # NEMI (LP) 032.

    Which one is the first pressing?

    Are there other pressings of this record?

    Thanks a lot,


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    the 'original' press is Nigerian (they were a Nigerian band - Lagos)
    It's possible that you have later pressings from Ghana...hard to explain the different labels but maybe one was a domestic press and one was pressed elsewhere for export...i suspect that this album was relatively successful and probably sold a fair amount of copies so it's easily possible that it would've had a few different ideally you want the Nigerian press but not hugely important as far as collectability is concerned...