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Anyone going to check out NMS tonight?

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  • Anyone going to check out NMS tonight?

    Thinking of going, as it's only down the road really, on Hoxton Sq... Anyone else gonna check out the Mastersounds?

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    where? <- Changed URL


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      Sigfrid / Underbelly
      11 Hoxton Square

      Doors 8:30
      Potentially dodgy support band: 8:45-9:30
      NMS 10:30 - 12
      DJ till 1pm

      Dunno who the support is, that's what Simon wrote in his email. I'd like to go, but it's awful hot today - very bad news for any promoter... Still, Pete and most of the other Rev Cleatus's are going and I wouldn't mind snorting at the obviously sub-standard 45s the DJ will be playing, ha ha! Aaah.


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        I'm there fella - it should be alright by sundown.

        Going home then driving back into town.

        Any other VV slappers joining us ??


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          Yeah, I'm gonna come - just decided!


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            Im gonna raincheck. Gotta be up very early to get to newcastle tomorrow.

            Have fun!
   <- Changed URL


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              I wouldn't have minded, but got a studio session followed by Greg Wilson playing our local danceteria.


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                the verdict

                NMS were on good form, people dancing and the place had AC thank fuck!

                Both Cheeba and I were thinking, 'hmmm, a new night in hoxton, kicking off with NMS live? Is someone daring to bring a decent night to the 'hippest' area of London? And who is this Alex Chase character? Could be interesting..."

                It wasn't. Thought the band was great, though the engineer was a little off form. But this Alex Chase dude was just another reissue fella, though least he wasn't a total 'fake 45 DJ' as desribed by Mik on the funk45 board, just a generally crap one. He played total shite, bar a few soul tunes off some Soul Jazz comps. Suppose you could call him eclectic - a vastly overrated style... After the gig, it quickly degenerated into the usual stew of house-ish beat whatever, just like every other shit hole in this godforsaken square KM of London, that's full of total assholes...